There is a massive pasta conspiracy!

I was doing some pantry investigation into the GQ question on pasta numbering. In the process, I grabbed a box of San Giorgio and a box of Ronzoni, and went to check out their websites to see if they had any answers. Well, if you visit those websites, you can’t help but notice that they are remarkably similar. Apparently they share a common parent, New World Pasta. Which also makes Prince and a half-dozen other brands.

That means that there’s really only a couple of actual different brands on sale at the supermarket. Barilla, Prince San Ronzoni, and… the store brand. I’m stunned at this revelation! Did anyone else know about this?

Well, yeah. Pasta and just about every other product in existence. I used to work for a company that sold the exact same products under half a dozen different brand names, not counting the house generic brands they made for three or four major chain stores (also the same product). It happens all the time.