There is a monthly meeting for Baltimore atheists!

Cool! In a little bit, there will be a meeting of an atheist’s social group at:
When: Tuesday, June 21 at 7:00PM
Where: Franco Zeppi Ristorante Italiano
2400 Boston Street
Baltimore MD 21224

I knew about this far ahead of time, but I forgot. More info at:

At this rate, I will be late, but oh well. See ya’ guys!

So what exactly do atheists do when they all meet together Scott? I assume it’s something other than **not ** worship.

Mainly, they preach to the choir. I liked it. :smiley:

P.S. Anyone think this is a vanity post talking about myself? No, it’s me telling Baltimore residents about something they might not know about.

Actually these Meetup meetings are all over the place, not just in Baltimore. I’ve been to a few atheist gatherings here in Nashville, though it’s been a while.

Aren’t atheists opposed to the idea of congregating in a place to celebrate their non-beliefs? I mean, isn’t that too close to what church is?

There is a monthly meeting for Baltimore atheists

In Frederick, it’s once a year…

And in DC they don’t have it because everyday life there is proof that there actually IS a God, but it’s an Evil one…

Oh well, at least you can get some Italian food while you’re there. But otherwise, it’s hard to imagine anything more pointless than a meeting of atheists!

For crying out loud, if you don’t believe in God, then sleep late on Sunday! Or go fishing! Or ride your bike, or shoot 9 holes of golf, or put on a pot of coffee and read the Sunday papers! Whatever floats your boat.

Regardless, I’d have thought one of the few clear advantages of atheism was that you didn’t have to go to meetings!!! But I’m Catholic, so what do I know.

Look at it this way- even if you think “Star Trek” is the stupidest TV show of all time, you can probably understand why people devoted to the show hold conventions. It’s perfectly logical for people to get together with others who share their interests. But it would be ridiculous to stage a “Star Trek” haters convention. A shared non-interest is a pretty weak basis for socializing.

As a former atheist who belonged to an atheists’ organization for several boring years, I’ve gotta say that I think atheism is a granfalloon. In fact, I began to think that after just a couple meetings of the organization, but by then it was too late to back out, since I had already been elected Treasurer.

Does God punish you if you miss an atheist’s meeting?

So just because we have something in common doesn’t necessarily mean we have something to talk about?


Yes, that’s why it is only once a month, rather then two times a day (Some of more more observant neighbors) or once a week. (Christians)

Atheist is not the belief that religion is “is the stupidest TV show of all time.” No, they believe in doing what they feel like, ignoring those who say Star Trek "is the (greatest) TV show of all time. SOmetimes, they get bitched at for that, so they eat nice food, and talk about whatever, including specific behaviors that piss them off.

CalMeacham: Yes. Yes, he does.

We do, which is why the atheist gatherings tend to be in the evening, over dinner. :wink:

I’ve been to the local atheist “meetup” and it was OK. There were a couple of conspiracy-theorist/anarchist types, but the rest seemed like reasonable poeple who just want to meet others with similar views. I may go again but currently I have better things to do on Friday evenings (Obedience class for my dog… The trainer is cute though.).

There are at least two groups in my (large) city according to the “meetup” notices. I’d like to go sometime, but am usually (as in always) working on the meetup nights.

Maybe get together and sing atheist hymns?

“Join us for Sunday Non-Worship services at 9:30 and 11:00. This week’s sermon is titled, ‘Jesus was jus’ zis guy, you know?’ Pot-luck supper at 12:30.”

I think you end up stuck going to Heaven or something… :wink:

Damn it! All the smartest people never accepted jesus, and thus, are in hell. I am going to have a really boring time of it. :slight_smile:

Yes, that and not believing in any god.

I have never been to an atheist meeting, don’t know if I would go. But I can say that as an atheist living in a strongly evangelical bordering on fundamentalism (in the terms of Creationism, literal inerrancy of the bible and “Family values”… Well, they aren’t Southern Baptists, since they are quite pacifistic.) it is refreshing to meet and find the occasional atheist/agnostic in the area. So I can see the appeal.

All of them? Wow. Who knew? :dubious: