There is a Solar Powered Car out my window

When I came into work this morning, there were lots of trucks in the parking lot and I saw some guys setting out pylons and sweeping away gravel. Now I see lots of people watching low, flat solar powered car.

I don’t know if it is for a competition or if they are just testing it. I’ll have to bring my camera tomorrow.

If anyone is interested, and it doesn’t look like anyone is, I have found out some more information. Right now the cars are in a prep mode and will be for the next few days. On July 17th the teams will leave from the Bob Bullock state history museum here in Austin (my current hometown) and ‘race’ to Calgary (my real hometown). The race is supposed to take 10 days.

Here is their itenerary.

You know what would be even cooler? A solar-powered cat outside your window.

Ha, yes it would.