there is an entrance to the Chicago (Amtrak) Union Station, off of S Riverside Plaza, correct?

Later this month, I’m going to be walking from the Quincy Orange-Line stop, down Jackson Blvd, towards the Amtrak Union Station (rolling a reasonably-sized piece of luggage, along with one carryon).

If I cut up north on S Riverside Plaza (I’m reading my Google Map here), is there an entrance to Union Station from that side? I’m probably waaay overthinking the distances here, but I’d prefer to not walk half a block north, then find out I’m “behind the building” (where deliveries are made, and the employees go to smoke :)) - just to find out I have to double-back and come in from the Canal side.

Thank you for the tips - I imagine I just need one or two “GQ factual answers”, and we can lock this one up.

Yep, there’s two entrances on Riverside, one at Adams and one at Jackson. You don’t even have to cut up north. You can see the entrance from Jackson. Although I think they’re doing construction on Jackson because of Wacker drive. It might be better to take Adams from the Quincy stop.

great, thank you so much!

Correct. In fact, if I remember correctly, Amtrak uses the south set of tracks which is what you’ll run into as soon as you go in the Jackson doors and down the escalator past the news stand.

Not entirely — I seem to recall that they use the north side for trains to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the “Empire Builder” to Seattle. But the bulk of the Amtrak trains do leave from the south tracks.

Also, check the CTA’s site before you leave. They’ve been doing track work on the Well’s side on the weekends, so you may have to get off at Adam’s/Wabash and walk.

I believe the train that goes to DC via Pittsburgh (Capitol Limited) leaves from the south. I rode it last year. I specifically remember that it came in from the south, and I presume it also left that way, though I didn’t pay that much attention.

You won’t be able to cross Wacker on Adams or Jackson right now due to the Wacker rebuild construction. Van Buren is open, currently.

This may, however, all change by the time you arrive. I know Adams was open 1.5 weeks ago when we left for California, but was closed yesterday when we got back. There’s a gaping hole in Jackson, though, so I don’t expect it to be open. The folks at the Walgreens on Jackson & Wacker said they’d been told it will be closed through the end of December.

It looks like Adams should be opening back up for pedestrians.

I hope so! It was still closed yesterday, which is when that link says it was supposed to reopen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be open soon. That’d be nice.

At that web page it says:

“A bridge crossing Wacker between Jackson and Adams will accommodate the high volume of pedestrians using Union Station.”

The dashed green line on the map represents pedestrian walkways and seems to indicate that there is a crossing between Jackson and Adams.