There is more than one Colin in the world you moron (mildish)

Last week, the receptionist said I had a call. I asked who it was and she said “Colin from X Company.”

I was excited because X Company is one of our biggest customers and they have been working on a new project. Before picking up the phone, I realized that it was 4:30 Ohio time, which meant that it was 9:30 X Company time. Hmm. Maybe Colin was working late! Ooh!

So, I pick up the phone and discover that it is Colin, telemarketer with POS Y Company. Well, he’s British and named Colin, so I guess there’s a bit of similarity.

I tell the receptionist that it wasn’t the right person. Her reply, “I didn’t know.”

Today, the receptionist said I had a call. I asked who it was and she said “Colin from X Company.” I look at the clock and say, “Do you realize that it is 9:30 in England?”

She shrugs.

So, I pick up the phone and discover that it is Colin, telemarketer with POS Y Company. Still British, and still named Colin, but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. There is more than one British guy named Colin in the world you FUCKING MORON.

Okay, I feel a little better now. Not enough that I don’t think she’s a FUCKING MORON, but better.


I was 35 before I met somebody else named Colin… now they’re everywhere…

According to my mum there’s only one Colin, and that’s Colin Firth… :stuck_out_tongue:

Colin O’Scopy is my personal favorite.

I prefer Collin. It’s what I intend to name my son if I have one.

One British Colin signing in, I hate the name, too many nerdy connotations, especially when you work in the I.T. dept. I always thought Collin, was the female version of Colin.

Another American Colin here. Please don’t spread the spelling “Collin”. Please. I have enough people calling me “Colon” already (Thank you very much, Mr. Powell).

I do have to admit, however, that I have never had a nickname, which is fine with me. They tried calling me “semi-Colin” once, and I just stared at them. :dubious:

They realized it was pretty stupid, and I’ve been Colin ever since.

As a former receptionist, this woman is obviously to dense for the hint to sink in…

Next time don’t just take the call, ask “Colin who? from X Company?”. Maybe she’ll learn to ask for last names.

I have a ten year old nephew named Colin. His younger brother is Ian. You’d think they were some sort of British, but nope, their surname is Scandanavian derived.

I do! She’ll say, “It’s Colin.” And I’ll say, “Colin who?” And she’ll say, “Colin from X Company!” Twice!

The woman needs prodded with a sharp stick.

I once had the misfortune of answering ( I don’t know how to make the accent on the computer but I do know how to make one with a pencil). The person the message was for was really pissed.

“Who is this? Josie?”


“I think you need to learn how to spell it.”

He thought it was spelled “Hosay.” Dumbass

Great part of my previous message got deleted. You can figure it out.

Since so many Colins are in this thread, let me ask do you like this name? I have a son coming in October and I have been lobbying to name him Colin. My wife wants August. I’d like to know if you guys think it’s a good name or not.

I get these type of messages.

“Randy from XYZ called. You need to call him back”

Yeah, there are 6 Randys at that freakin’ company. And I deal with all of them. Can we get a last name once in a while? An initial, maybe? Something? Like maybe what he wants to talk about?

I’m not too keen on the name August. But the name Colin Interface2x Murdoch sure has a nice ring to it.

Pathetic receptionist. Not only should she be asking for a last name, and making sure she gets the company name right, she should be asking what it is in reference to, so as to screen out sales and telemarketing calls.