There never was a pentagon plane - huh?

Anyone else heard this?

Flash animation… I’m usually not one to trust flash animations for news, but they seem to have researched everything well. What are your takes on this?

There’s other active threads about this.
Basically, it’s a crock of shit.

A lovely example of ignoring a humungous amount of evidence that interferes with one’s conspiracy theory.

Now that the question has been asked and correctly answered(see GorillaMan’s response) , it’s time for a moderator to close the thread and place it with the 28 others on the same subject.

Would someone kindly provide a link to the previous thread(s) on this subject? My search skills in this forum leave something to be desired.
In the meantime, I found it rather interesting. My big question is what happened to the plane that has been reported as crashing into the Pentagon? There were a lot of people on that plane that lost their lives. What are some other things wrong with the theory?

Never mind, found it. Helps when it’s only half a page down. :smack: is the recent thread. For others, try searching for pentagon conspiracy.

And you hit the nail on the head with your unanswered question - the conspiracy nuts seem unable to hear it when it’s asked, or just ignore it. You can decide which :wink: