There was a common thread to the Lincoln,Garfield,McKinley and Kennedy assasinations

What did these 4 presidents have in common? They wanted to remove all outside banking interests and have the government print it’s own money without interest, loaned to business without interest unlike the international banking cartels that control our government.

Lincoln, McKinley and Kennedy all wanted to eliminate the central bank. Lincoln printed greenbacks to finance the Civil war, Kennedy printed silver certificates to pull the government away from international banking interests. All were assassinated.

The international banking stranglehold is the one untouchable. Any president that fights banking risks his own life.


I thought Kennedy was assassinated as part of the effort to fake the moon landing. Ignorance fought!

Sort of like fighting fire with fire?

Do you want to expand on this or just pooh pooh what you dont like? You folks are smarter than this.
Have you read the Bretton Woods agreements?

I have paperwork that shows that after ww2 the non aligned countries pooled their gold resources together placed under the trust of the banking systems to rebuild the world. Since then the money has been stolen and loaned out 50 or 60 times. It was to be held on deposit for 50 years. In 1995 the US tried to collect and the US refused to sign to get the gold back. Kennedy was planning to sign it before his death. I have documents that show the deposit slips with the amount of Gold. We’re talking multiple trillions stolen since 1945. The liens have been served on the banks and they have NO MONEY. It cant last more than a few months.

We certainly are. Thus my response.

Do you have the long form of these documents?

Cite ?


So if this multigenerational banking conspiracy has killed all four assassinated Presidents, why are you still alive with their paper trail?

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Paperwork? Documents? Don’t you have anything better, like a Youtube video link?

I certainly do. I have copies of a lawsuit currently underway by a New York law firm to retrieve the Gold. I’ve also spoken to the attorney’s on this matter. I’ll scan the documents and post links if requested.

He’s not a president.

The illuminati refuse to pay for high-speed internet.

He’s wearing his specially treated tinfoil anti-assassin helmet and cosmic sunguard.

He lives in a hut in remote Wyoming and powers his laptop with a bicycle.

Any of these do it for you?


see the links above.

Anyone can proffer a lawsuit in the US for any reason. The existence of a suit is no indication that there is any merit to the accusations.

Don’t forget to shout “Man Overboard” if the judge leaves the courtroom, chappy.

Ah! Now I get it… a Ron Paul thread.

Sorry that the link is 5 years old… didn’t notice that originally.

J.P.: The fashion industry has been behind every major political assassination over the last 200 years. And behind every hit, a card-carrying male model.

Matilda: Okay, that’s impossible.

J.P.: Oh, yeah? Listen and learn, sweetness. Abe Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery, right? But who do you think made the powdered wigs and colored leg stockings worn by our country’s early leaders?

Derek: Mugatu!

J.P.: Slaves, Derek.

Derek: Oh.

J.P.: And without their free labor, prices on such items would have gone up tenfold. So the powers that be hired John Wilkes Booth, the original model/actor, to do Mr. Lincoln in. I’ll go on. Dallas, Texas, 1963. Kennedy had just put a trade embargo on Cuba, ostensibly halting the shipment of Cuban-manufactured sansabelt slacks. Incredibly popular item at the time.

Matilda: Lee Harvey Oswald was not a male model.

J.P.: You’re goddamn right he wasn’t. But those two lookers who capped Kennedy from the grassy knoll sure as shit were.