There will always be an England

Miss England Rachel Christie loses crown after allegedly assaulting Miss Manchester Sara Jones.

While I sometimes abuse my wife for her Welsh and Cornish heritage, I realize there is an entire island from which she drew her forbears. And non-forebears who fit right in, such as Ms Christie’s. It takes something for a guy who mostly identifies with his Irish heritage to laugh at the pigshit antics of others, but this qualifies.

Neither of 'em strike me as particularly attractive. I hope at least there was hot oil involved in the assault.

You know, that article makes the whole area of beauty contests seem a bit tacky.

Dear oh dear, there’s some ropey old sorts in that game.

There will always be an England, for even God needs a place to piss. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish he’d take a piss somewhere other than Manchester. Why do we have to be the wettest city in the country?

You guys aren’t having trouble with the link? It’s broken for me.
Here’s a fixed version.

The former Miss England looked better on the actual day. Here’s the official pic on the website. The new Miss England is on the far right, although she looks much better in the official press release (PDF).

Just to be fair, here’s the crowning photo of Miss Manchester. I’m not sure if I’d say it’s better, though–just more made up.

There are some bizarre geographical categories in that contest:

Miss Nottingham, OK
Miss Liverpool, uh huh
Miss Sittingbourne, check
Miss Birmingham, OK… wait a minute. Sittingbourne??

Hey, at least she has the requisite number of toes.

Miss Sheerness has twelve. On each foot. And fur…:wink: