There's a big hole in the sky

In the constellation of Eridanus, to be specific:

So yeah, a billion light-years of just flat out nothing. Space shouldn’t be doing that.

Well, that explains part of the name. Besides this particular “cold spot” that they mention, do other cold spots exist? In other words, is it a known phenomenon or just a relative term?

They’ve found cosmological proof of hell, then?

(sure, I’m joking–but just you wait. Someone’s gonna say that seriously)

Leave it to Minnesotans to find the cold spot.

There are other voids, of course, but this is the largest of them by far.

Isn’t that the “Great Barrier” that the Enterprise managed to get through in Star Trek V?

Possible causes:
It was cleared out by an unusually large and efficient black hole?
It’s a quarantine zone surrounding Something We Really Don’t Want To Know About?

Well, if hell is defined as “ultimate separation from the gods, the universe, and everything”, then that actually kinda makes sense, if you squint at it and tilt your head…

It explains the whole name, phonetically.

Nah, that was the center of the Milky Way. There was a void that Voyager crossed through. But both series were confined to the Milky Way galaxy.

I had to say the name out loud and couple of times and think about it. Brilliant one!

It’s clearly the place in the sky where they ripped apart Reality in the war against the Dreel. Our only hope now is to get to the portal on the Well World and reset the Computer.

That oughtta confuse everybody except the Jack Chalker fans.

Worm hole???

For some reason, I just can’t help but think of this.

Or the void that drove the Voyager crew crazy?

Eridanus… hehehehe…

That’s my soul up there.

I’m trying to wrap my head around this.

What do they mean, there’ nothing there? It’s a huge vacuum, no dust, no particles, just a blank?

I’m feeling dizzy.

I was about to say, they have moisturizing creams for that.

It’s like, how much more black could it be?

None. None blacker.

So space is just one big, cosmic donut? And we are living in the delicious, cakey ring?
All this time I coulda swore it was going to be jelly filled.