There's a brown recluse in my room

what do I do? I’m not normally an arachnophobe my any means… but I saw the little guy and thought I recognized him (I looked him up afterwards, and yep. brown recluse) and when I tried to catch him, he ran and I couldn’t get him.

so now I have a brown recluse somewhere in my room.
This is really REALLY not the best time for me to get a crazy bad spider bite (and when I picture-googled “brown recluse” I almost died just from seeing the pictures of the bites.). I’m starring in a play* and opening night is Wednesday. It would be VERY bad timing.

So now that I know I have a roommate, what can I do to avoid him? I’ve been not putting my hand anywhere I can’t see, shaking out my shoes before I put my feet inside, and basically just making sure to look before I touch anything, but I’m afraid he’ll come bite me in my sleep or I’ll forget and put my shoes on and BAM! crazy bad spider bite.

*by “starring” I don’t mean “chorus” or “a name and a costume change.” I mean the star of the show. Me not being there would be BAD news.

Any other spider, and I might not care. But if you suspect a Brown Recluse, I might call the Orkin Man just in case. And go to the store and find spider poison. Traps, sprays… what ever it takes. Good luck to you.

I’d get a few of those fogger bombs, set them off, and spend the night in a hotel or at a friend’s.

Here’s A thread started by a poster who claims to be an expert in this feild.

Take it for what yoiu will. According to him you don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

Mop the floor with a strong solution of soap & water, & let it stand to dry.

Soay water is, I have found, a pretty good homemade insecticide.

Likely cure the problem.

Well, I worked with a guy who was bitten by a brown recluse and he had to wear an IV direct-to-the-heart contraption. I’m not sure of all the details, but there’s a big difference between attributing every boo-boo to a spider bite and actually knowing there’s one in the house. I’d be a bit uncomfortable, too. Drop the big one and hope for the best.

Meh. I’ve had fiddlebacks in every house I’ve lived in and never been bitten to my knowledge. Obviously if I have, it wasn’t a cause for concern. My mother, being prone to poking around in dusty, dark unused spaces, has been bitten several times with a result similar to a mosquito bite.

Fiddlebacks are really very shy, retiring little creatures (hence the name recluse). They’re very, very common around here. In my entire life, I’ve known one person who had a problem with a bite, and most of that was because she refused to go see a doctor when the bite abscessed. She ended up with a nifty scar.

Did you get close enough to actually see the back markings? Because there are other spiders that look almost identical to the recluse, except for those markings. I’ve known what fiddlebacks looked like since the age of about 5 and I can’t tell them apart for sure unless I’ve nabbed the spider in a jar. I’m not sure how you could have seen the spider well enough to know it was a recluse, and still not managed to catch him.

IMO and IME, you’re panicking over nothing. There’s a fair chance it wasn’t a recluse at all, and an extremely low possibility of being bitten, with an even tinier chance of complications from the bite.

IOW, relax. The shoes are fine unless they’ve been stuck untouched in the back of the closet for a while. If they’re covered with dust, I’d shake 'em for spiders. If you’re worried, look first before you stick your hand behind/under furniture (although they’ll usually run if given a chance). A little common sense goes a long way.

When I was 18 and had my first apartment, where I lived alone, a 4" long cockroach flew in my door as I was entering the place one night. It landed on my wall. Not exactly eager to smash it with my bare hand, I went for…something, anything…to catch and/or kill it with. I was gone maybe 10 seconds, and when I came back it had disappeared. Ack! I never found the beast. The apartment was maybe 350 sf. I barricaded myself in my bedroom as soon as I realized it was lost forever (towel tightly squeezed under the door, etc.) The horror. Anyway, I got over it. But my point is, I sympathize, and get a mosquito net (they’re cheap, and oddly romantic) for your bed, if it is going to freak you out. And get some sleep. And congratulations on the lead. And ugh, spiders.

You’re renting, right? Call your landlord.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I would put out all kinds of traps and bug bombs.

And then nuke the place from orbit. Just to be sure. :wink: