"There's a place in France..."

The info is all here MrKnowitall’s ‘king Tut’,Nano’s 'Gypsie thing",Pixoids ‘hand motions’, ( see the walk like an egyptian thread) references to the 'snake (an asp?) it is obvious this is an authentic ancient Egyptian song." Oh the girls in Crete don’t wear sandals on their feet,and in their topless dress you can see their bouncing breasts." Ok another tune completly but do you remember, “Oh the ladies wear no pants in Pagopago, no the ladies wear no pants in pagopago,and since they wear no pants, they get chillblains when they dance, cause the ladie wear no pants in pagopago.”

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I learned it this way:

There’s a place in France
Where the naked ladies dance
There’s a hole in the wall
Where the boys can see it all
But the men don’t care
They just chew their underwear
The underwear that they chew
Costs a dollar ninety-two…

All but the last verse has appeared elsewhere on this thread. I wonder where the last two lines came from.

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The tune is at least as old as Showboat, which quotes it for “Little Egypt” at the Chicago Exposition. I suspect that Kern did not write it (he often quoted the tunes of other composers).

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This is MY version, that I learned growing up, early eighties:

There’s a place in France
Where the ladies do a dance
And the dance they do
Is enough to kill a few
And the few they kill
Is enough to take a pill
And the pill they take
Is enough to kill a snake…

It was kind of an exercise in rhyming - and looking back, it was pretty lame. Another childhood memory tossed by the wayside…

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So, going back the the OP, where DID the tune come from?

Is there a clue in JWK’s post? Was this the kootch music from Little Egypt’s act?


Doug Yanega wrote:

WAIT a minute!! I call foul! Those words are from “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, from Mary Poppins!!

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I’m amazed… since “everyone” knows it goes:

Well the girls in france
Don’t wear any underpants
And the guys go around
With their penis hanging down

Ok, our version was–

All the girls in France
Do the hoochy-coochy dance!
And the way they shake
It could really kill a snake!
When the snake is dead,
They will tie it 'round their head!

I later dated a Frenchman (actually named "Jacques, amusingly enough) who told me that all the girls in France do indeed do the hoochy-coochy dance. But he didn’t recall any dead-snake tying going on.

And what’s so amusing about the name Jacques?

signed, Jacques

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Amusing, dear, because it’s a sterotypical “Frenchie” name, like dating a Swede named Sven or a Brit named Cedric.

Jacques also assured me that it’s true that “50 Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong,” though that still seems excessive to me.

The factual aspects of this thread seem to have been exhausted (heh). Let’s see if anyone in MPSIMS has another version of this doggerel.

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Okay, I made a few mistakes on the version of the song that I posted. That’s what I get for copying and pasting.

There’s a place on Mars
Where the women smoke cigars.
And the kind they take
Is enough to kill a snake.
If the snakes don’t die,
Then they poke them in the eyes.

On the other side of France
Where the ladies wear no pants
The men wear glasses
To look at the ladies bums.

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