I've s... in England and I 've s... in France....

Ok I am stll in the bathroom but at least I am away from bodily functions…
My favorite is:
I’ve shit in england and I’ve shit in france but before I’d shit here I’d shit in my pants.
For you well traveled people out there are these bathroom wall scriblings considered poems? limericks? sayings? And are they strictly an american thing or are they universal? How old do you suppose the one above is? I would really like to hear what the teeming millions favorite “little room” sayings are too.

Those bathroom wall writings are all crap.

For real poetry, go to a beatnik coffee house and learn to snap your fingers instead of clapping your hands like a monkey.

Quand les talons claquent, l’esprit se vide.
Maréchal Lyautey

ummm yeah well ok…

What’s with you and poo?

Oh, hell… I’ll answer this one.

My favourite piece of bathroom grafitto would have to be something I once saw scrawled in a university dormatory bathroom:

If you want to know what happens after you flush, check the cafeteria.

I saw one written above a urinal that said, “Don’t laugh at what’s written on these walls. The real joke is in your hand.”

-Jesus Saves
He passes to Mike Modano. THEY SCORE!!!

I’ve seen a slight variant on Arkan’s.

"Flush twice, the cafeteria is way over on the other side of campus.

My favorite is a more elaborate one. There was a series of arrows on the wall leading up onto the ceiling, trailing slightly to the side, and ending in the words:
“You are now peeing on your left shoe.”

(I wasn’t BTW)

“No! You can’t take my medicine, I need every brain cell blazing to outwit my invisible enemies!”