Your favourite bathroom graffiti

Inspired by this thread, what have you seen in the bathroom that made you chuckle?

A bar I used to frequent had this one:

And then underneath, in different handwriting:

I thought it was very clever, although I later found out it wasn’t an original, when I heard it described by someone who never could have been to my bar.

What other good ones are out there?

This is a favorite of mine, in the Lucky 13 women’s room.

Here I sit broken-hearted,
Paid my dime and only farted.
When I was a kid, there was an issue of Mad Magazine that had a bunch of classic bathroom graffittis on a sheet of stickers all ready to paste to your favorite bathroom wall. These continue to be the best lines I have ever read.

I’ve always heard it as:

Here I sit all broken-hearted,
Came to shit but only farted.

Big Sharpie letters:

Followed by the smaller “if I supply the yarn will she make me one too?”
Or on the paper toilet seat cover/ “ass gasket” dispenser at Dallas-Fort Worth airport men’s room:

“Free cowboy hats! Take one!”

Huh. Perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen today to remove that from my album. Here it is again, in its proper place.

Also, these slightly NSFW examples, from Sadie’s Flying Elephant.

In a men’s room:

“Don’t buy anything from the gum machines! It all tastes like rubber!”

Don’t sit there with a broken heart,
One day you’ll shit when you thought you’d fart.

In “the lesbian stall” at the cafeteria of the University of Miami:

Life’s like a dick: when it gets hard, fuck it.

In “the lesbian stall” at the cafeteria of the University of Miami:

Life’s like a dick: when it gets hard, screw it.

Not so original at the University of Miami, huh Nava?

Here I sit in the stink and vapor
Some SOB used all the paper!
I also saw one in my a college stall: Ahh, making memories!

It’s usually seen scratched into the dryer rather than photoshopped, but it’s still the funniest thing in the history of the world. Ever.

“Edith Head gives good wardrobe” :smiley:


I think the best I ever saw was in one of the guys bathrooms at my high school, I went in one day just to see it, me being a girl and all. Over a urinal it read “Hetler was the greatest” and underneath was “learn to spell you F-ing moron”. Still cracks me up

This just tickled me the right way, and I have to go take a pain pill because the recent stitches in my abdomen are aching so badly from laughing so hard. But it was worth it, and I’d do it again. :smiley:

On the inside of a stall door in the college’s Physics Building, eye level if you’re sitting on the can:


Well, I thought it was funny…

In a Library men’s room here at ASU:

Here I sit, buns a flexin’
Just gave birth to another Texan

Last fall, I drew a bacterium in the stall in one of the buildings on campus. A few weeks later, I came back and there was another one! Asexual reproduction, baby!