Weirdest/Funniest Graffiti you've come across

I actually saw a few examples on my train ride from my Maryland home into DC this morning, they are what inspired this thread. The first one you may get if you’re from DC and maybe Baltimore. All these were seen on my MARC train ride from Germantown, Maryland to Union Station in Washington, DC.


PEAR (Yes, just pear. A fruit.)

BOOB (I actually saw this one twice about half a mile from each other.)

There were a lot more, but most of them were illegible, at least to me.

Seen in the loo of a bar in Seattle:
“Heisenberg may have been here.”


reminds me of the graffiti in the psychology department when I was a student :
“Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?”
and underneath it, somebody added:
“No, but some drool at the thought”
and of course there was the quipl at the bar nearby:
“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”

On a random wall on Clerkenwell RD, London:


Kind of the Grafitti artist to take the phone message

Army base bathroom in West Germany, dated November 7, 1984 (day after Reagan was re-elected):

Four more years of:
• The rich getting richer
• Oppression of minorities
• Erosion of our civil rights
• Exploitation of the middle class
God help us all.

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” - H. L. Mencken

Pretty gutsy thing to write in an Army base.

Well, the one I laughed the hardest at was painted over by the city not that long ago, dammit. It took me a few to get it; it was NOT obvious.

As best as I can describe it, it was a beautifully-drawn diamond-shaped swimming pool, with the diving board at the top – a pair of round, puffy bushes at the base – matched by a seamless, V-shaped hedge, neatly trimmed, at the bottom. The pool had lovely tile steps forming a double arch, also at the bottom, extending almost halfway into the pool, and the artist had even drawn the drain hole carefully. Oddly, it seemed to be halfway between the bushy V and the edge of the steps, but oh well.

The fence for the pool formed a large inverted V, almost parallel to the edges of the pool but not quite, and the top was rounded off with a slight dip in the middle, where the gate stood – a modest affair with a wrought-iron star on top.

I stood for a few minutes, admiring the artistry – it was really quite good – and then it occurred to me where I’d seen it before.

Waay back in school – elementary, I think, but it might have been junior high – I was shown a trick by a friend. It was a joke drawing. You start by drawing a diamond and tell the viewer it’s a swimming pool. Then you add the stairs, the drain, and the diving board. Then bushes, the fence, etc.

Eventually you finish, and everyone who’s watching realizes that you’ve just drawn a pencil sketch… of a couple having sex.

Whoever the graffiti artist was, he took it to a whole new level. I gotta respect that sort of talent. :slight_smile:

On a park bench years ago, someone had written:


and some wag had written underneath:


I got caught by police, spraypainting a 7-11. Once.

I have, as an adult, resorted to graffiti, once. I stenciled a “J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs” head on the side door, in two colours.

Not particularly funny or weird, but the intent was to cover up the other graffiti on the door, which said:

That was weird.

Happily, the cops that stopped me with the can in my hand (at 7:30am) had seen it and accepted my explanation that the weird misogyny of it had been bothering me for months as I walked by it on my way to work each morning. They just took my paint and laughed, I wasn’t even late for work.

My wife and I were stopped at a train crossing, idly reading the graffiti on the cars as they passed by. Most of it was stupid or illegible, some of it was beautiful, but we both broke up laughing at the one that bore the drippy inscription “Trains suck.”

Someone recently took a crayon and wrote “GRAFFITI” on a wall just down the block from my office.


Driving on the Capital Beltway you can see the Mormon Tabernacle in the distance. It looks surprisingly like the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.

As you approach an overpass you have the Tabernacle in your line of site and someone wrote “Surrender Dorothy” on the overpass. Pure genius.

On a wall near my old apartment in Saint-Henri: “SAME-SEX MARRIAGE = GAY CHRISTIANS.” I never could figure out whether they were for or against. That graffito was there the entire six years we lived there, btw.

On a wall in the village: “WAR IS MENSTRUATION ENVY.” Took a picture of that one.

Then there’s the legendary: “This sentence is graffiti. - Douglas Hofstadter”

Seen in the infamous Roadhouse in Athen, Ga but sadly painted over-

Some morninigs it’s just not worth chewing through the leather straps.

I’ve been to two world series and a goat(naughty verb) but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Near our vet’s office (in the hood, a bit), is a crudely painted “I (heart) crack.”

In pen on a women’s bathroom stall wall of the Baker Systems building on Ohio State’s campus, there was a very involved abortion debate. Most of it was bumper sticker arguments, but every now and then a woman would write a paragraph or so about her own experience with the subject. Those were heartrending. I wish I’d taken a picture of it, because I’m sure it’s no longer there.

A number of years ago when I lived in Southern Oregon some friends of mine found a newspaper article about a train derailment. Everything seemed normal about the picture of the box car, until you looked closely, and written in graffiti on the side was:

“The best thing about the circus is all the freak pussy”.

This was a front page story and picture.


Is Menard’s a nationwide home improvement chain?

Anyway, their slogan is “Save BIG money at Menard’s”

Seen on a bathroom wall at a bar “Jesus saves!”

And underneath in another hand “BIG money at Menard’s!”

Menards is regional, midwest. And since it IS hockey country, I’m amused they didn’t go with the standard “But Gretzky scores on the rebound!”

My Favorite Graffiti was from college. On the side of a building was written in fire letters from the hand of god.


It cracks me up every time I think about it.

It’s not weird or funny, but I have to say since leaving DC, I miss “Cool Disco Dan”.

Do bumper stickers count?

Zombie JFK for President
Better undead than Republican