theres a war on cash ?

ok abc/disney freefall is contractually obligated to run the 700 club twice the day and a relative was watching the nightmare before Christmas last night and it came on after wards and before I changed it they showed a commercial about this

heres the commercial

supposedly theres a war on cash and the thing about is the supposed “evils” that their bitching about is the financial tracking that’s the war on drugs and terror that Robertson and his ilk insisted on ……

after looking around the site its just a place for old style gold bugs ………

But I wondered what y’all thought of this piece of woo filed bunk ………………

Freefall used to be the Family Channel, and CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) before that. That may explain some of it.

And maybe they just had some unsold commercial time, and these wackos were willing to pay for it.


they’re trying to scare you into buying something from them.

as Wesley so succinctly said in The Princess Bride, “Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

I think he must have fallen asleep on the keyboard.

Yeah it’s just tinfoil bulldada to scare people into buying whatever they are selling, and they figure the audience of The 700 Club is just the right market demographic for it. They base themselves on something that is true, that the regular financial/commercial sector wants us to use plastic or apps because it’s more profitable for them, and officialdom because it makes it easier to see a money trail at tax time or when there is an investigation; and they turn it into some threat that THEY can save you from.

BTW, I wonder… for how ^%$*& LONG does Disney have that contractual obligation to Robertson?

From what I’ve read, literally forever. The 700 Club was the foundation piece of CBN, which became the Family Channel, which became Fox Family, which became ABC Family, which became Freeform. And wherever the channel goes, to whomever it may go, the show goes with it. Robertson and company only have to pay a nominal compensation fee to the network and have shown no desire to give up the time for any amount of money.

There should be a “GoFundMe” to get this dude a Shift Key.

Today I went to buy 2 money orders at Walmart, one for $900 and the other for $500. They told me because I was buying more than $1000 worth of money orders I had to show ID and they were going to enter it into some data base.

:mad:The fuck you are. I only bought one of the M.O’s I’ll buy the other one some other time. I didn’t need it right away anyway. I also don’t need some minimum wage employee at Walmart knowing my personal information.

Then there was the time the bank wanted to know how I was going to spend my own money.

While I may sound like I’m a bit overboard here, some of us just don’t like these kind of intrusions. There is just something about these things that really rubs me the wrong way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to take the libertarian position on this stuff.

In exchange for taking away his period key…

try sending and receiving money overseas…its worse

I just found it grimly amusing that for Robertson and his ilk it was ok to track the cash flow brown and tan mooslems to save 'murica but once it affected them its a war on cash set up by the deep state to rip off the good Christians of America ……

It is your own right wing and the rules and laws that have been passed to protect you from the terrible illegals and the terrible muslims.

et voila. it is even more irritating for your rules to be forced on the rest of the world via your various laws imposing the extra territorial application by the exploitation of the clearing banks located in New York.

but we have to put up with it so long as New York remains the important money center.

Of course, such things are never thought of applying to one self by such factions.

everyone is ok with authoritarian regimes, so long as the authoritarians look and sound like them.

And only ask brown people if they’re planning on using that money to buy some terrorism.

IIRC the OP’s posting style is due to a disability, but yes sometimes their posts can be very difficult to parse.

If the OP can only press one key at a time, then why not just use the Caps Lock? Hit the Caps Lock, then the character(s) you want to capitalize, then hit Caps Lock again. Boom, done.

Splitting your purchase dates to avoid reporting requirements?

That’s evasion dude. They can take all the money for that, even it’s harmless, even if you’re morally innocent. You should take the fifth.

Yeah, “cantgiveafuckitis”

Those “minimum wage employees” see peoples’ ID all the time – what the hell do you think they’re going to do with it?

He wasn’t going to just look at it. A form popped up on his monitor to enter all of my info from my ID, including height weight and eye color. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Then he got shitty with me when I said I didn’t want to wait around while typed all that in (he was very inept at that computer).

I’m not real worried about the feds coming after me for paying my credit card bill and my truck payment with two money orders I bought at 2 seperate places. Because I didn’t want to do further business with someone who was rude to me.

BTW, the form I refuse to sign at the bank last summer resulted in…NOTHING!

Some of you are getting your undies in a bunch over nothing. I’d be more concerned about the tags I ripped off my mattress if I were you. :smiley: