There's no new fetish under the sun.

Seriously, don’t ask how or why but I google image searched “Kitties on titties” and sure enough, there are pics out there for that kind of thing!! (OK I only googled it because it rhymed and I’m bored. I know, I’m weird.)

Is there no fetish too small google wont hit on?

No (or yes, your question is a bit unclear to me). Rule 34


There’s a whole Cute Overload category called “Cats in Racks”. As far as I know, they’re all safe for work viewing.

Google “dragons fucking cars.” I have seen a short clip from a video with a bunch of men dressed as pterodactyls squawk while they fuck.

Rule 34 is just A Dirty Shame

Not clicking any links.

(I hate having to ‘do things’ after clicking links)

But I will say that the title reminded my of pics where girls with large boobies [I love that word] put kittens in their tops (between the top and the boob)

In those pics you have a combo of sexy and cute.

While mostly-innocently surfing the web, I found this site(mostly SFW) that compiles slash fiction about King David. Yes, the King David from the Bible. WTF.

Not that I’m one to talk…

I’ve yet to see a syphilis fetish site.

Rule 34 is valid, important and true. But many internet neophytes forget its important corollary - Rule 35.
If there is no porn of it, you must make it.*

Years ago I remember seeing a newsgroup for people with herpes. They did a lot of hooking up with each other IIRC. Now that most people don’t know what usenet is, odds are they have a website somewhere. Maybe not now that there’s Valtrex. Who knows.