There's Water on the moon!

LCROSS has found strong evidence of water.

Do you think that influences NASA’s decisions on whether to return to the moon in the near future?
What will that mean for lunar exploration in the long run?

It makes the Moon more interesting in a purely scientific sense – especially as none of the Apollo expeditions found water; this shows there is more variety on the lunar surface than we might have expected. But it means nothing, of course, for the possibility of life on the Moon; no air, no life.

Water on the moon! We’re halfway to finding whales on the moon now!

How long until Coke sets up a bottling plant?

And if Jesus is there, he’ll be walking on the water on the moon!

This is very important information - if we ever run out of water on earth, it’s important to have a backup plan. Water is a really important resource, after all. Scarce, too.

Could you say that he’ll be moon walking on the water on the moon?

That’d be thrilling!

If there is water in quantity, it makes it much more possible to have a permanent manned presence on the Moon.

Does this show the first couple of moon missions were faked? You’d think they would have noticed the water trap while playing golf and driving around.

They didn’t get that far; they kept losing the golf balls. Escape velocity, and all.

The water was found at the moon’s south pole, in an area that receives little or no sunlight. It seems like the manned lunar landings were in areas that did receive sunlight, which would probably boil away the water if there was any there.

[hijack]When I first saw the title of this thread, for some reason it reminded me of the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd notices an old newspaper hanging on the wall that proclaims the first moon landing. “No way…We landed on the moon!”:p[\hijack]

Jesus could walk on water. Neil Armstrong could walk on the moon.

If the water is frozen, and/or mixed in with the soil, then it can be walked on by someone on the lunar surface.

Therefore, Neil Armstrong = the Son of God.

Makes sense to me!

Water on the moon. How’d it get there?

Cometary impacts, most likely.

Same way Earth’s water got here?

The landings were real. The footage was faked at a sound studio in Roswell, NM. This was done to cover up the real purpose of the Apollo program: To trade Tang to the Selenites in exchange for Velcro and digital-watch technology. Mood rings were a fortuitous spinoff.

A rat done bit my sister Nell
And water’s on the moon.
Her face and arms began to swell
And water’s on the moon.

I assume the water was in the form of ice, right? Was it on the surface, or under it?