These are the final days of peace in America.

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This article makes it seem like Busch is going to cancel all future elections so that he can stay in power and rule forever. He might screw this up but I’m willing to bet that some President in the future will fix it. Once he does that then I will really start to worry. Hell, he’ll be gone by the next election, if not then in that’s it for him.

And all this talk about the final days of peace and such, well I’m pretty sure that people felt like that in the past during all the other wars and we came out of it OK. Call me an optimist but I still think we’ll all be around twenty years from now and our grandkids will be surfing the net for the paper that they’ll have to do on, “Bush’s Folly, the Second Gulf War.”

As soon as I read that we’re planning to bomb hundreds of thousands of people, I closed the window. Has this columnist ever actually met anybody in the military? Has he even driven by the Presidio?

Seems a little “touchy.” Hmmm.

So, I guess we all imagined 9/11 and the economic havoc which ensued immediately thereafter? The last Gulf War was supposed to be another Vietnam, with the draft being reinstated, hundreds of thousands of US soldiers being killed. Didn’t happen then, and won’t happen this time (assuming we do go to war). In the meantime, millions of Iraqis are confined to the world’s largest prison because of the crimes of one man, but that’s okay, because it avoids war. I, for one, fail to see the logic in that.

The worst thing that’s going to come of all of this, is that it’s going to sulley America’s already tarnished reputation.

That’s nutso. Where did this assertion come from?

LOL any literate wacko can write an article and have it perceived as “valid” by somebody, i guess.

whew. call the men in little white coats!

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Hawks seem to be imagining that there’s evidence that Iraq had anything to do with it.

I can’t believe noone has yet mentioned the most objectionable part yet:


This Morford dude seems to be really high on the hyperbole. He, unfortunately, got my attentiion with a rabid anti-gun piece a couple of weeks back. Apparently he doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good diatribe. I guess he’s another candidate for the Ann Coulter alter-ego award.

My review of the linked article:


End of review.

Hey, I’m no fan of Bush and his merry band of bespectacled jingoists, but the leftist hyperbole is getting completely out of hand. I you like what Morford has to say, just listen to one of the Pacifica Radio outlets for plenty more. Here in Houston for example, Jim Hightower’s little morning blurb today tried propose that Bush is somehow personally responsible for every case of E. coli infection in this country.

As for Morford and his moan, I was a bit amused by the way the author contradicts himself with this line:

What fucking nonsense. The war is “won” when Saddam is forced out of office, and no one with any sense thinks that will take longer than a few days to accomplish.

I, too, weep for the potential for loss of life, the utterly insane waste of our money, the harm to this country’s already tattered reputation that is being done by the current administration, but am also not the complete bloody idiot that Morford and the folks at Pacifica seem to think I am. These people have personal agendas that I find just as simplistic and odious as that those of the Bushistas, and when I’m feeling particularly peevish, like now, I wish they’d all just shut the hell up.

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Peace ended in America when they bombed the World Trade Center the first time. We just didn’t know it at the time.

What a stupid article. “Massacring hundreds of thousands of people”? “Quite possibly our entire enlisted force”? “Completely unwinnable war”?

No serious military analyst doubts that if and when the allied U.S. and British forces invade Iraq, Hussein and his Baath Party will be deposed.

What a stupid article. “Massacring hundreds of thousands of people”? When we invaded Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban government, the number of civilian deaths is believed to be in the low four figures, and that number is from critics of the U.S. military actions.

“Quite possibly our entire enlisted force”?

“Completely unwinnable war”? No serious military analyst doubts that if and when the allied U.S. and British forces invade Iraq, Hussein and his Baath Party will be deposed.

Note also the gist that Sept. 11 is our fault, we had it coming. We must atone for our sins.

I hate Bush. I dress to the left (well you know what I mean).

I thought that article was horse puckey.

You know you’re not going to find much in the way of lucid reasoning when the arguer insists on making fun of his opponents’ names. “Shrub and Rummy,” indeed. Yes, good point.

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