These guys stole my idea!

You all thought I was nuts. Smoking caffiene, indeed!
But these guys came along and put caffiene into cigarettes!
Fuck! I had the idea first! I’m the one who should get rich off this!


Very disturbing.

Ok, I smoke, but I gotta tell ya…I’m a little concerned with the idea of throwing caffeine in there too. Nicotine is a stimulant, and it appears to be plenty on its own, from my experience.

I already have my zero-calorie method of obtaining caffeine…it’s called Diet Coke. Last thing I need is to have two fixes depending on one substance.

Shit… They oughtta at least call them “Exploding Heart Cigarettes” and have done with it.

[sub]The Surgeon General’s Warning on the side would need to be a two page fold out.[/sub]


Uh, I eat whole coffee beans like candy, all the time. I also like 'em ground up over french vanilla ice-cream, and baked into cakes. Mmmmmmmmmm… As a matter of fact, coffee does taste better in non-beverage form.

As for smoking caffeinated vegetable matter – not since the eighth grade. It was misrepresented.

If I were in charge, I’d start puttin’ cocaine in 'em too!

I hope nobody steals my idea for steak flavored chewing gum.

Try my new product, Cnuff! The finest Arabica beans ground up, and sealed in tiny packets! Put one between your cheek and gum! Don’t forget to spit.

And, once you’ve bought the cigarettes, you have to have the matching soap, right?


Jesus Balls!:eek:

I mean, I was just asking a weird question when I asked if one could freebase caffiene (except for a rare cigar, I don’t smoke).

If someones eating fucking soap to wake up…get more sleep!

From the site:

The good people at ThinkGeek love their caffeine. Some of the stuff is a bit…extreme, but it’s all fun. Caffeinated cigarettes probably won’t show up on their site, but then again, I wouldn’t really be surprised if they did.

Am I reading that page right? It looks like the pack says “mit 0.1 % guarana.” If that’s right, and if the cigarettes have about 10 grams of tobacco in them (I think it’s probably less than that), that means each one only has 10 milligrams of guarana in it. I have some guarana pills that say they’re 22 % caffeine. That adds up to about 2 milligrams of caffeine per cigarette. You’d have to smoke about 30 or 40 of them to equal a cup of coffee.

I needed to read that ad better.(I’m on the SDMB while I’m doing som office work. time is tight)

Whew! Looks my idea for cigarette flavored cola is still safe!

But for how long?

Hey, I perfected this formula years ago. I only had one friend that would actually try it, though, and he hated it, so, wait until you see how the taste tests go.

[sub]Well, actually I just used to hold back a bit of soda in a can, and use the can for an ashtray. Then my idiot friend, whilst visiting one day, grabbed it and took a slug, before I could say anything. I figured the gagging and retching was punishment enough for glomming my stuff without asking first; well, that and me telling everyone we knew about it for years afterward.[/sub]

I think Willy Wonka beat you to it.

I’m still waiting for someone to steal my foot odor cologne idea.

I’ve been there. Several times, in fact. With my own sodas. I’ve taken absent-minded sips out of cans that had a half dozen butts in them. Actually, it doesn’t taste as bad as you’d think. It was more the thought of what I had just drank, not the taste, that made me gag.

My carbonated fish-flavoured drink idea is still safe…