These would be bizarre Cafe Society thread titles

Make up your own! :slight_smile:


Taylor Hicks – the John Lennon of our time?

The OJ Simpson appreciation thread

Need casserole recipes incorporating nasal mucous

Books you read while asleep

Who else has the “Songs of Devotion” CD?

Human sacrifice video : Is the priest left handed ?

Were the Balrog of Moria and Smaug lovers ?

The Chick Tract appreciation love fest

Name that titty

**Which sucked more? Serenity or the Firefly shows?

Like movies? I found a great site where you can download them!

What’s the name of that Duran Duran song with a three-letter title again?**

Power of 10 8/22/07 – were those questions fun or what?

Has Katie Couric quit taking vitamins?

Was it unmotherly of Britney to leave her children at the city dump?

Let’s hear it for Taco Bell!

Planes on Treadmills! The Movie!

**Would War and Peace have been better at twice the length?

How many books do you own (no names please!)?

Pros and cons of butter & margarine, so just use half of each – Recipes**

Ask What’s Left of the Woman Who Has Been Married to Zeldar for Twenty-One Years

Mm–Mm-- Good: Recipes from the Frog Jump, Tennessee YMCA Choral Ensemble

That Was No Lady, That Was My Knife – The Love Story of Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine

**Any good mime CDs?

Hasselhoff’s Greatest Hits is the best!

Where can I find the Rhea Perlman/Danny DeVito sex video?**

Ask the Westboro Baptist Church graphic artist

Operas written by Black Jewish Lesbian Republicans

English cuisine - open spoilers

What’s the best way to cook a liver accompanied by fava beans and a nice Chianti.

The Straiht Dope Book Series sucks balls.

The first “a” made that truly great! :smiley:

Careful there! Just yesterday we had a guest describe Taco Bell as “It’s like Heaven took a crap in your mouth.”

Any Captain and Tenielle fans here?

Ken Lay Autobiography discussion thread

Anybody ever heard of a movie called Star Wars?