They caught Nikolay Soltys

Got 'im. Hiding under a desk in his mom’s backyard:

I’m puzzled. This article says that when he went to his mom’s after killing the first five people, he was bloody and dishevelled. And then she hands over his little son to him? Ay chihuahua.


OK, at what point does the National Organization for Men “embrace” this poor, misguided soul?

…um… whaddaya mean, there’s not a National Organization for Men? You mean he’s gonna be treated like a vicious killer? Just because he is a vicious killer is no reason to treat him like one! We need to use this event to call attention to the plight of vicious killers, so they can get the ex post facto help they so desperately need.

Sorry for the hijack, but I saw the article USAToday about NOW “embracing the Houston mom” Yates… ::shudder::

Pssst… she’s not a mom anymore… you have to have living children to get that title, no?


According to other news reports I have heard, [paraphrasing] “many in the family were in fear of him”. Only conjecture, but it is possible he may have threatened to do harm to her if she did not allow the child to go with him.

All in all, I am glad he was caught alive. Perhaps we can get some answers.

pugluvr, your link is not working. Here’s a CBC report

Perhaps he can blame his sudden psychosis on SRH (Semen Retention Headache) and plead “diminished responsibility.”

I’m sure donations will be forthcoming…

Well, what if he told his mother that some crazed family friend or former coworker or someone just robbed his house, attacked him, and then threatened to kill his son? Or what if that’s what the mother assumed? Certainly if a bloody and disshellved family member came to my house, my first thought wouldn’t be, “Oh my God! He just killed his wife, aunt, uncle, and two cousins!”

ThisYearsGirl: Yeah, but surely the mom had knowledge that this guy had a violent past. This site has more info:

screech-owl: Hunh. The link works on my end. Thanks for your additional link, though.