They caught the sniper!

Count me in as actively avoiding the news until we have more than “we think.” I live in Richmond and we went through this crap already on Monday.

I grew up in that area, like a few miles from the place. I hope it’s them, but how dumb can you be to sleep at a rest stop? There’s all sorts of places to sleep up there in the car if you wanted to.

Possibly, but the evidence pointing to them is really starting to pile up over the last few hours. Their fingerprints on the ransom demand notes, now determined that spent bullets found at his residence Tacoma match those in the shooting etc. etc.

All of the news reports I’ve heard have said that these two are just wanted for questioning in relation to the sniper incidents. To suddenly titles your thread “They Caught the sniper!” is a little presumptuous, doncha think?

Richard Jewel?


Don’t crow until:

A) The shootings stop


B) there’s a conviction.

The FBI are no geniuses.

I’d like to believe they’re caught, but I will wait until they announce that they are certain. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

The news reports that I’ve been seeing (I have the news on now) are indicating that these are probably the snipers, at least according to how they’re reporting it. Supposedly they have a fingerprint from the youth, and the authorities supposedly got the older suspect’s name by tracing who owned a Jamaican bank account that the sniper’s correspondence wanted money transferred to.

That being said, I’m not being definite about these guys being the ones yet, but I am hoping. I also hope they aren’t just copycats trying to cash in on this. I mentioned Richard Jewell to my husband last night as well; if the authorities (or news media) are off in their suspicion, how can you reclaim your reputation?

I would have said the same things re: Richard Jewell and “we think”*.

However, if they are guilty, this:

will prompt me to ask, “What is this, the year for (step)father and son rampages?”

*The link astro posted quotes “a source” as saying, “The general feeling is we got our guys.” I’m thinking of the scene in The Iron Giant when the Army general (voice of John Mahoney) hollers down the phone at the government agent, [paraphrasing] “Oh, you’ve got a FEELING! You want us to send a platoon up to that podunk town because you’ve got a FEELING!”

Wow, a mere 10 miles from where I live. It’s a small world after all.

The Monday morning guys were eliminated as sniper suspects within a few hours, IIRC. The guys they’ve caught today, on the other hand, seem to have a heck of a lot of evidence against them already.

I don’t think there was ever this much evidence against Jewell, was there? Jewell merely had opportunity and no alibi, but nothing evidential actually connecting him to the Centennial Park bombing, right?

QUOTE]*Originally posted by DeniseV *
the authorities supposedly got the older suspect’s name by tracing who owned a Jamaican bank account that the sniper’s correspondence wanted money transferred to.

And here I was thinking this/these guys were smart. How did they evade capture for so long if this is the level of their subterfuge :confused:

Are the Authorities not as hot as they like to think and say or is there something I’m missing?

Just a WAG, but maybe it was a case of once you know what to look for, it’s easy to see the pattern.

Prepare yourself for hours and hours of “we don’t know anything, but we can speculate” crap from the local media, doing endless remotes from Rockville and other locales.

I did hear the quote about “we got our guy” - but who would “our guy” be, the guy or guys who did the shooting or someone who can give info?

How can we reinstitute firing squads in Washington/Virginia capital murder cases?

Have read on another BB that a Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle has now been found in Muhammad’s trunk. Can anyone confirm?

If this pans out, they’ll have all but a videotape of Muhammad pulling the trigger.

The Washington Post has confirmed that “a long gun” was found in the trunk; no other details.

But they’re now saying they believe these are the guys:

A sniper caliber rifle called the “Bushmaster”?

Last thing I want to hear right now.

It’s a Bushmaster.

From CNN Breaking News in my email: “Rifle, scope and tripod found in sniper suspects’ car, Washington, D.C. radio station WTOP reports.”