They don't show this on those annoying Scooter Store commercials.

Scooters are big business because Medicare pays a generous check. Seems like those Scooter commercials are on non stop some days.

Bet you won’t see this on them. :smiley: The stills don’t do the video justice. This is just… amazingly dumb

What gets me is the casual way the lady hops on the escalator like she’s done it a million times. There’s no way she could have ever made it up that escalator before. Glad she didn’t get hurt. I bet the scooter has a few dents. :slight_smile:

I guess other parts of the country don’t get those Scooter Store commercials with grandma and grandpa (actors that don’t even look 60) smiling and scooting around their house. I’m glad my parents never got one. Physical therapists I talked with said people lose their strength a lot quicker when they stop everyday walking. A scooter is fine for a trip to a big mall, but if you can walk then at least walk in your house & yard.

soon as I saw this video, it seemed like such a parody of those cheesy commercials. Whoever sold that scooter was supposed to provide training to the woman. I’m pretty sure training the customer to charge it & safely drive is required by medicare.

I used to work for a neurologist who would decline to sign off on these on almost all patients. She said if they can walk into her office then they need the movement more than the chair. She made exceptions for people with degenerative diseases like ALS, of course.