They go together like coffee and doughnuts

My best friend, who drinks giant vats of coffee as almost his soul sustainance, was entered into a dunkin donuts wedding contest. He and his fiancee have made it to the final three for Philadelphia entries.

They landed themselves on the front page of our local paper (at the bottom).

"*Karen Carver and John Lester love coffee almost as much as they love each other.

So it was only fitting that when Lester decided to propose to Carver, he did it with a can of coffee.

The 35-year-old Webmaster for an e-commerce business hid the engagement ring in a can of Folgers, then tricked his now-fianc‚e into making the morning coffee, a job he usually performs.

“When we first met face to face, we met over coffee,” Lester said. “Everything I do is coffee. I don’t drink [alcohol]. Karen is the same way.”*

Bucks county courrier times

His girlfriend entered them by writing a small essay about their engagement. (He hid the engagement ring in a canister of coffee for her to find…fitting because they first met over a cup of coffee.)

You can read the essay and vote for my best buddy, John Lester and his sweet girl Karen here

They’re the bottom-most couple in the Philadelphia section if you want to check it out.

*As a disclaimer, I have nothing personally to gain if you vote for John and Karen. He’s my best friend since childhood and I simply would love to see him win (he deserves it!)

Aside from the free wedding, they would win a Caribean honeymoon.

Thanks to anyone who votes! :wink:

As a fellow coffee fiend, they got my vote. Although he’s darn lucky she didn’t shoot him for proposing before she’d had her first cup.

Aww how sweet :wink:

Okay my vote has been cast! I wish them good luck in the contest and many long and happy years together.

She should shoot him for using Folgers.