They got the geography right! Plays/books/movies

I didn’t want to hijack this thread

in which is discussed glaring errors in geography made by authors, playwrights, screen writers, and so on.

So what have you seen done correctly? I’ll nominate three novels by Lee Killough, cop stories set about seventy years in our future. The main setting of the stories is my home town, Topeka, Kansas. There are of course* new* buildings and places that don’t yet exist. But when she mentions street names or existing buildings, or the Topeka Cemetery, she puts them in the right places.

Watership Down. :slight_smile:

You can find all the places on Google Maps, and they match the map in the book.

The movie Lost Angels, starring erstwhile Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz, takes place at a working mental hospital in Camarillo, CA (recently decommissioned and converted into a state university – yeah, small difference, I know.) The geography of scenes that take place nearby the hospital are dead-on perfect. Especially when Adam’s brother busts him out and they’re escaping down the Ventura Freeway, you can see the actual exit signs and other landmarks if you look carefully enough.

Attention to geography is such a rare thing, that I can’t think of a single other movie with nearly 100% geographical accuracy (at least, among those that take place around L.A.)