They really got his goat.

I’d like to see that rodeo.

I fall asleep when I count goats.

Wait, did you just say “I follow sheep when I mount goats.”?

Any trolls reading the OP will be treated gruffly.


Let’s not butt heads.

What? Sorry, I nodded off for a moment.

The Government will give people extra money if they have goats on their property, so there is an incentive to steal these animals. Just part of the dangers of living in a nanny state.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Not at all. A man can make a lot of money stealing and selling goats. Might even become a billyonaire.

Let’s not cross that bridge until we come to it.

These puns smell like a goat.

This thread has the potential to be the Greatest Of All Time.


They make me horny.

“That there’s the Sheriff’s gal”!

There’s a Magic card for that.

As long as people don’t take it too far. We’ve gotta handle this with kid gloves.

I have as little to do with them as possible. I bought my wife a very expensive set of clippers to shear them with. She is too lazy, and hires someone to do it. I get to write the check to them. :rolleyes:

Always pay your sheep shearing bills. Otherwise you might find *yourself *over a bharal.

If you do not shear them

they will get urine soaking the fur around their backend, which scalds the skin, which attracts flies that then lay eggs there. The maggots feast on the diseased urine-scalded tissue. Search “sheep fly strike”.

I loved the note at the beginning of the movie: This story is truer than you might think.