They say I would be crazy to move into that neighborhood. They were wrong.

Two years ago I started one of my first threads and received a lot of helpful advice and encouragement about moving to a new, culturally different neighborhood. I would like to take a moment to thank you all for your opinions and give a little update.

I did indeed move to Historic Bronzeville, I referred to it as the Chicago Blues District as it once was. I have large garden apartment with a great big backyard, garage parking, near public transportation, easy access to LSD (the highway not the drug) and live in one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city. Lots of rehab and new construction. I have made friends with the elderly tenets upstairs as well as my neighbor next door. A comedy club and an upper scale restaurant opened up one block away. The clerks at the local beer and cigarette shop know me and have commented on how nice a look when I stop in my work clothes. With assistance from the landlord, I have been working on the buildings electric, pluming, yard and etc. Overall it has been an enjoyable growing experience.

I have not been threatened, mugged, vandalized, burglarized or otherwise made to feel unwelcome.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. The stories of your experiences and history gave me the courage to embrace change.

That’s great. I think I remember that thread. How’s the music scene? I’m not familiar with that 'hood, but I think I saw something on tv and the scene is the best-kept secret in the city.

Interesting. I recently passed on renting the perfect house (and I mean perfect) because the neighborhood is iffy … a little worse than iffy, actually. Deep down I know that I don’t want to take that kind of a chance, but it was such a hard decision!

Kalhoun, you were one of the dopers that gave good information. A story about being stuck up I think. The music scene is still trying to make a come back. The new Checker Board Lounge opened in Hyde Park. It was in the hood years ago and has a bunch of history behind it. Most of the original joints are now closed. Neighborhood options include:

Afrocentric Bookstore Harold Washington Cultural Center Jokes and Notes Negro League Cafe The Spoken Word Cafe Lee’s Unleaded Blues

The place you may have heard about is New Apartment Lounge,

Tuesday night is the night.

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