They walk among us

Was watching the game show “Common Knowledge” this morning. Three fully grown American adults guessed that Monroe is the President depicted on the $5 dollar bill.

I’m going to lose my mind!

Hell, that one’s easy. Millard Fillmore, right?

Multiple choice, I assume?

It’s extremely unlikely I could pick Monroe out of a lineup. Looking at it now, his presidential portrait kind of resembles a young George Washington.

Yeah, but Washington’s on the $10 bill.

I used to know all that but now I don’t care. Rarely use cash.
My debit card is zebra striped, looks like money to me.

I couldn’t tell you who’s on the $5 bill. I rarely use cash.

I walk among you.

Is that a whoosh

I concur!!
People! Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, grant and Benjamin! 1,5,10,20,50,100

I can think of three presidents that appear on two forms of currency: Lincoln on the $5 and the penny, Jefferson on the nickel and $2, and Washington on the quarter and $1. But I can see how people who use plastic or an app to pay for everything might not know any of those.

Yes, sorry. Trying to be funny.

For cripes sake. These people were in their 40’s. I don’t care if you use plastic for everything. It’s common knowledge thus the name of the show.

The even scarier part is all three on the team concurred their answer was Monroe. HTF did they even come up with that?

It’s all about the Elizabeth Taylors!


Now yer talking carrots!

When did DeBeers hire Bugs Bunny?

Bugs juices the carrots Debeers provides the ice.

When I was a kid, we used to goof around with currency by folding it along its horizontal axis, which divided the face in two. We’d then juxtapose the top of one face with the bottom of another.

IIRC the top of Lincoln’s face combined with the bottom of Washington’s face did indeed resemble James Monroe.

More amusing results were achieved by using U.S. bills in combination with Canadian currency bearing the queen’s face.

[quote=“DCnDC, post:3, topic:921602, full:true”]
Multiple choice, I assume? [/quote]

No. That part of the game the three team members have a brief conference and come up with the answer.

The Canadians have Mr. Spock on their money. We can’t beat that.

I looked at a clip of the show on Youtube to see if it’s multiple choice setup and it is. I looked at a few questions and it didn’t look like they put in blatantly wrong answers (like “Paris Hilton” for the $5 bill).

So without seeing the actual question you’re referring to, I would say that the non-Monroe choices were Lincoln (obviously) and some other well-known person.

Just guessing that the non-Lincoln, non-Monroe choice was someone more recognizable than Monroe.


  1. clearly they didn’t know who’s on the $5 bill
  2. if Monroe was the least recognizable guy of the three, they figure Lincoln and the other guy rate a higher denomination than Monroe
    2a. They think it’s a trick question, so the guy they never heard of must be the answer
    2b. If Washington was a choice, they also didn’t know who’s on the $1 bill

Not multiple choice? Never mind lol.

Who friggin’ knows how they came up with Monroe, it’s insane and just further proof that aliens have been controlling people for the last 4 years.

Yep! Few people know how celebrated Fillmore actually is. In fact, the Millard dabbling duck was named in his honor!