You know who they are. They put holes in my doughnuts, they made lime green tic-tacs, they told me I can’t speed in my new jeep, they declare war. They are always messing with things that don’t need to be messed with, they constantly get in my way. They publish really interesting articles, they get chased by bulls, they never break the law, they make life worth living. They put the filling in twinkies, they put holes in my cheese, they never say excuse me, untill I say please.

Do they do that to you too? Why does no one ever explain who they are?
Is THEY the most oft used cop-out on the planet?

So that does this indefinite third person singular antecedent mean to YOU!!?

I’m the “they” that strikes up a conversation with a complete stranger right there in front of the pot roast cooler.

What does They mean to me? To me it’s a cop-out from the person using it. They’re using it to place blame on someone else rather than whomever should be accepting the blame.

That’s my two cents.

They don’t like it when you talk like that.

They? Not around my house. At my house it’s “who the hell?”.

Who the hell left the ice tray empty? Who the hell didn’t drink all the milk they poured? Who the hell left these clothes here? Who the hell was the last one in the bathroom? I got three kids…John, Robert and who the hell.

I wish “they” would gimme a hand here.

They always make me speed up in my wifes new jetta, so she’ll be forced to yell ay me. They do that all the time, I mean with 6 speeds and all they really make it difficult to go slow…

Well thats what they say …

I’ll tell you who they are when I get a round tuit.

They are ok. It’s those others who are the real problem.