They'd do a good job with a cover of that

This is a thread for artists who you’d think would do a good job with certain covers, but as far as you know, haven’t. They also ideally should be vaguely dissimilar in genre. Now, if one of these artists have covered these songs, please let me know so I can search for them :slight_smile:

– Meat Loaf would do a good cover of Taxi. Good mixture of self-deprecation, storytelling, and pathetic epicness this song entails. I can imagine him belting out “I go fllyyyyyying so hiiiiiiigh…when I’m stoned.”

– The Police would do a good cover of Hotel California. It already has a somewhat reggae beat, and The Police could make it 10% more rasta without going overboard, (especially since I don’t really like reggae.)

– … and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead should do a Floyd cover. Despite the fact they’re more modern rock and less melodic, there are already a couple songs with a similar enough choir behind them that I think they’ll break into the return from Home "“aaaaahhh… ahhhhh AHHHHHHH…” I think they’re cerebral and talented enough to have some new insight without making it a travesty or copy.

I’d like to hear country artist Josh Turner do a cover of anything from Ernest Tubb. Their styles are different, but the voice range is similar.

I don’t know where this thought came from but I’ve long thought Melissa Ethridge should do a cover of Journey’s “Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’”.

I always thought Clint Black could do a great Hank Williams tribute CD.

I would have loved to hear Elvis sing Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”.

Replace Melissa Ethridge with Ben Folds and that was going to be my contribution to the thread.

I also thought he’d do a good cover of “Evil Woman”.