They'd have to pay me!

Wondering if there are any activities/events that are generally considered to be popular/desirable, that you feel you would have to be paid to attend.

My sister told me her daughter had won a ticket to tonights Cubs/Dodgers game. Knowing I’m not a baseball/sports fan, she asked me how much i would have to be paid -in addition to a free ticket - to go to tonight’s game. I’d probably do it for a thousand bucks, not much less.

You have any other events where you’ve wondered how much you would have to be paid to participate in what so many folk are paying to do?

Golf tops that list for me.

A thousand dollars just to go to a baseball game? You must really hate the sport.

Rock concert.

Boring movie.

Skydiving. And you’d better have some serious deep pockets.


A funeral.

I would require at least $5000 to attend a Trump rally.

Most anything that involves large crowds.

I have been to baseball games (even a Braves playoff game), football games, concerts. And they can be enjoyable, but I hate crowds.

I have a 60’ TV and most televised events have a much better view than being there live. And I can go to the bathroom when needed with ease and food does not cost an arm and a leg.

But if it was something I was not interested in the hassle of going to the game, it would take a lot of money for me to be bothered with leaving the house.

I guess I would do such for $1k, not that it is life changing, but if I am going to give up my time and all to do something I am not overly enjoying, then it has to be a nice bit of money.

Anything invoving heights, there is not enough money to pay me to do it.

Ex: skydiving, Bill Gates does not have enough money

I have never been to a sporting event I was not paid to attend. By the evidence, I’ll watch a football match for £27.

There is not enough money in the world for me to go hear either Adele of Celine Dion perform live. I would go to a Trump rally for a million dollars.

If you can, try to assign a price to a specific activity.

Not sure I hate baseball as much as I value my personal time - even if I’m just sitting home reading. I LIKE sitting home reading. Whereas the game would take 1.5 hours through rush hour traffic to get there. I HATE crowds. Game could last 3 hours, and could get chilly. After which I’d have to fight crowds/traffic for another 1.5 hrs, needing to go to work the next morning. My financial situation is such that much less than $1k just wouldn’t be worth such inconvenience/boredom.

So kayaker - your mom dies, and someone would have to pay you to attend the funeral?

Playing or watching?

She died about 5 years ago. She did not want a funeral, but my sister arranged one anyway. I did not attend.

ETA: my dad died circa 1988. Similarly, he was against the idea of having a funeral. Again, my sister arranged one anyway. I did not attend.

PS ETA: my gf’s dad died 3 years ago. I attended the funeral because my gf asked. If you ask her today what was the nicest thing I’ve ever done for her, I’m certain she’d mention attending her dad’s funeral.


I find it highly unlikely that you wouldn’t attend either concert if someone offered you $100 Billion dollars.

If it were free (someone paid my price of admission), I might go to the opera or ballet. I would not pay to see either. I don’t mind paying to go the orchestra occasionally, tho.

Would you go to a Trump rally for $500,000?

I actively dislike attending the various auto-sports: Grand Prix, NASCAR, etc. I would need some major change (and the freedom to bring a book and earplugs) to put up with the boredom, noise, and smell. Let’s say $250. (That’s a good chunk of change to me.) Plus a generous expense account.

I will gladly go to a Trump rally for $50,000. I’ve got less integrity than money.

I might even hold up a “[Blacks/Coal Miners/Whatever] for Trump” sign for the cameras or wear a misogynistic T-shirt – but we’ll have to iron out the details. PM me your proposal!