They're doing it again!!!Bloody drums!

Your timing is impeccable.
You did it before christmas when I had exams, and you’re fucking doing it again.


I have finals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the Monday and Wednesday of the next week.

i have to pass the motherfuckers.
Not scrape through, I have to get 50% or over to pass.
This is not easy.
I have to get above 40% just to be allowed to repeat the things in September!
(No this isn’t just for me, this is a rule that applies for everybody, in case anybody thinks I’m on academic probation or something).


About what, I don’t give a flying fuck.
You could be poor students, anti-war, PETA or campaigning for the rights of left-handed chimpanzees.
I don’t care.
Shut up.

I’m in a 200 year old building. No double glazing, no cavity wall insulation, no fucking soundproofing.

And i can hear you from wherever the fuck you are.

It’s 11pm, and the fact that I’m studying rather than sleeping should tell you how stressed I am.

The amount of stress I’m under has also probably contributed to my somewhat random emotional outbursts on the boards over the last couple of weeks.


50 big fucking drums are not fun for the neighbours.

There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and disturbing the peace, and you, my high-decibel friends, crossed it somewhere between my inability to study, and my thumping headache and concurrent rage.

Why don’t you go and fellate Bertie Aherne?
It would probably be more effective for your cause, or at least quieter.

Can’t you call the police on them?

My sympathies. I know what these people are like, and I know what I’d like to do to them.

Substitute neighbors for protestors, fucking loud stero for drums, and i just wanna sleep for have to study for exams, and you’ve got my rant as well. I’m with the call-the-cops crowd.

People like this is the reason I don’t carry a handgun.


Really good noise cancelling headphones perhaps on 30 day free trial.

Yeah, that sucks.

I wake up to the wonderful sound of a fire alarm forcing me out of my room at least once a week. Last time I was seriously going to dismantle the firebell permanently, but I couldn’t find something hard and heavy enough (my oversize wooden baseball bat wouldn’t work; a crowbar or a big wrench might) and the wires are in the wall so I couldn’t cut them. (never any actual fires - the smoke detectors are oversensitive; there are some in the showers, so hot showers generating steam set them of;, and there are of course some in the kitchens, even though there are no vents or fans to disperse the smoke or steam if you try to use the fucking things. So, don’t smoke, shower, use the kitchens, make toast, boil water, or breathe out in cold weather) Same in exam time, of course.

Then of course there are the drunks stumbling home every day, in two batches (2330-0030 and 0130-0200), shouting and singing all the way. At least it’s fun to hear how their singing improves over the course of the year. I seem to recall we had one group of drunks with three-part harmony, almost in key, stagger back into college near the end of last year…

I’m sorry irishgirl, wish I could make them stop. When things get noisy around here I put in the earplugs, then turn on the stereo and tv at the same time. There is a bit of satisaction in imagining the noise makers’ heads exploding, or favorite body parts rotting and falling off. That headphone suggestion sounds dandy, as well.
Good luck on those finals!