They're protecting you...(long)

Two stories, which combined have really pissed me off.

  1. While re-entering the country from the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, the customs monkey I dealt with never looked up from her computer screen. Didn’t look at me at all. My wife tells me that her monkey didn’t even shuffle through the kids birth certificates - she said “Do you want their birth certificates?” and he said “Nah.” However, when my mother-in-law took a picture of us he went ape-shit. “WHAT ARE YOU TAKING A PICTURE OF?!?!” Ultimately, he let us off with a Stern Warning: NO PICTURES IN A FEDERAL BUILDING (never mind that my 5-year-old could sketch it out for you if he wanted to)

  2. Two neighbors cars were stolen the other night. The first neighbor found hers because she drove past the car where the theives had abandoned it. Believing it to be a crime scene, she called the cops. They said they’d get around to it. After a while (an hour or so?) she called again. They said they’d get around to it. After a while again, she called them back. Very pissed off, she asked when some one was going to get there. The cop became indignant and said they’d get around to it. The neighbor asked if she had to make a domestic violence call to get some cop who was otherwise sitting at a speed trap doing nothing to come out? The cop was angry at the implication that some officer might be less than busy and at one point asked “Are you threatening me?” :rolleyes: Finally, they sent some one out. He must be new, because he apologized. He took her statement and proceeded to leave. She asked if he was going to do anything to the car. You know, maybe dust the steering wheel for prints if nothing else. He said no.

The other neighbor didn’t even get a cop to come out and take her statement at all. She called and they said “OK. We’ll do nothing and let you know if we get any results”.

Good job cops!! Way to bust crime! I don’t think I’ve seen a traffic stop in this town that had fewer than three cars at it. But you can’t send some one out to take a statement when their car has been stolen. Furthermore, when a law-abiding citizen has been the victim of a crime and is upset with you for your lack of response, you become indignant with her. Great!! Throw that cop a donut!

You worthless jerks aren’t protecting me at all. Unless “Treat the law-abiding citizen as a suspect, or at least be completely unhelpful” is a definition of “protect” with which I was previously unfamiliar. I would say “Go to hell”, but that’s where this country is rapidly heading, under your wonderful law-enforcement. Thanks for the good work!!


If only she’d offered him some TP for his bunghole, he’d been over there right away.

I’m reminded of the cop who was so desperate to give me a ticket that my ticket wound up with three different offenses scratched through before she found one she liked.

Damn you, Derleth. I was going to post that.

Sort of painting with a broad brush, aren’t you?

So, have you done anything about this? Written a letter of complaint to your chief of police/mayor/local paper?

Maybe contacted the supervisors at the customs stop letting them know that you feel that they’re not doing an adequate job? (Here’s a hint – maybe don’t refer to the clerks as “monkeys” when you write your comments.)

Fingerprints? Heh, is your friend some kinda CSI fan or sumpin’?

Yes I am. I have had the opportunity to deal with law enforcement and security types many, many times in my life. The overwhelming majority of the time, my experiences are similar to those listed in my original post. My brush is only as broad as my experience.

I could point out how polite and attentive the Canadian customs-guy was, if that would make you feel better.

Well, she was caught off guard by their “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!” approach.


It’s so strange, because I’ve had the complete opposite experience with the cops in my neck of the woods.

I live down in Texas, and at the time of this little experience, I was living in East Austin – poor side of town, mostly working-class and lower Hispanic and Black community. It’s a bit crime-ridden, so I wasn’t wholly surprised when I discovered my car had been broken into…well, to be fair, not broken into. shuffles feet More like someone had made their way into my carport and opened the door, only to find it unlocked.

And apparently, someone had forgotten to lock the back door, too.

So I rush home and call the cops (told my roommate to do so, but I guess he misconstrued or forgot), and they send someone over the very next morning to dust my car for fingerprints. They ask a lot of stuff to take the statement, asking me what might have been missing…

…and they find everything that was missing, and the guy who did it, within a week.

Lucky. :slight_smile:

Well, I can see why they don’t want to waste time solving crimes. After all, there’s no revenue to be generated while taking a statement…it takes away from higher priorities like speed traps. Don’t forget…you can’t fill your quota while you’re filling in a police report.