They're really gonna do it again. Shutdown 2015!

Given the lack of any other ideas from the Once-Grand Old Party, they’re going back to a tactic that has worked so well for them in recent years - shutting down the government, and holding their breath until they turn blue. They may not even be able to avoid it, given all the mandatory funding bills that have to be passed in what little time is left.

There will be no shutdown. The Republicans are determined to avoid one after losing the political battle around two in a row.

I’m disappointed. I was hoping you’d have found some way by now to spin the last two shutdowns as victories for the GOP.

Doesn’t look that way, does it?

BTW, that’s another prediction, for those keeping score.

They are learning from their mistakes?

The Republicans were really determined to keep Obama from getting reelected. They have also been really determined to repeal the ACA. How have they done with those two things? Did being really determined equal success?

You tend to learn from mistakes that burn you. And yes, that’s a prediction, unless the Democrats maneuver things in such a way to provoke a shutdown, such as voting against a bill they would normally support and thus siding with the Tea Partiers. Which would be pretty stupid, so I doubt that will happen.

Avoiding a shutdown merely takes the decision to not have a shutdown. If only defeating Obama and repealing ACA were so easy.

To repeat: Doesn’t look that way, does it?

Not for the hardcore guys, but the leadership is not down with it this time. This is not the first time we’ve had a shutdown scare since the last one. The leadership avoided it last time too.

Where do you get this shit?

There may be no way to avoid it anymore.

The *lowest *probability estimate the WaPo analysts make is “well over 50 percent”.

If you want to avoid one, all you have to do in the worst case is give the Democrats everything they want and use their votes plus the Republicans who want to avoid a shutdown at all costs to pass it.

I don’t think you realize just how bad the Republicans don’t want a shutdown. If there is one, it will only be because Democrats think it will work out for them. But if they want it, then it won’t, so hopefully they aren’t catching the stupid bug.

That’s no prediction at all. I’m a Republican myself and even I see the plain fact that any shutdown will, yet again, be spun as Democrats provoking the shutdown. The Republicans will just be “standing by their principles” while the Democrats “refuse to compromise”. :smack:

I don’t think you realize how ignorant and angry the GOP base primary voters are.

Duplicate post

What a load of crap. “Everyone” knows that if there’s a shutdown it will be because the Republicans will have tricked the Democrats into thinking it will be in their best interest.


In other words, still the GOP’s fault.

No one will buy your spin, adaher.

If they didn’t learn from the political fallout the first time they did it, what makes you think they learned from the second time?

Do they actually have the vote count to simply have their way? How much does the strategy depend on scaring moderate Pubbies into lining up?

Angel on my left shoulder says root for the moderates, pull more power to the semi-reasonable center. Devil on the other shoulder says let 'em run riot, fuck it all up, and reap the copious rewards come next year. Burn 'em down, pee on the ashes!

I mean, pulling for John Boy Boner? Oh, the compromises…

So, some Republicans want to shut the government again. Great! maybe they can start impeachment proceedings against President Obama while they are at it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans try to shut it down again, feebly blaming Democrats, just to see if the attempt gains any traction without Jon Stewart around to shine a spotlight on the attempt.