They're showing 'The Road Warrior' on the History Channel.

I guess I didn’t know as much about Autralia’s history as I thought I did.

Since they have not come out with “The Future Channel”, perhaps they just figured no one would notice & went with it.

Doesn’t this movie tie in with all the auto-geek stuff they’ve been showing?

Is an auto-geek someone who bites off his own head?

Could be. They’re a weird group. :wink:

Anything to do with George Miller’s fascination with ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’?

Well, it works becuase at the endthe bad guys are history

Anyway, the statuesque “warrior woman” babe is Virginia Hey, who 18 years later was still hot enough to play a proto-Mystique skintight body-suit alien on Farscape.

Plus she was a Bond girl (The Living Daylights) and “Miss Fitzhenry” on that “Oil of Olay” commercial. Yowsa.

I have always been troubled by the fact that I couldn’t place the faces on the screen (some of whose names I never caught) with the names of the actors. Can anyone provide a link?

I caught some of it and unlike my old VHS copy it was undubbed.

All those years all I ever saw was the version with the horrible American voiceovers. It was good to hear all the original characters voices with the Aussie accents.

Are you sure you don’t mean Mad Max? I saw Road Warrior in the theater the day it came out, and I’d swear they all had Australian accents. The Mad Max you see on US TV is almost always the (badly) dubbed version.

Sorry for the hijack but I always chuckle when I remember the porn movie title “Mad Cracks, Beyond ThunderBone”.
Please continue.

Um … was that the dubbed version? Or did you see the one where all the moaning and fake orgasming were done in Australian accents. (Actually, I think it was New Zealand accents, but since it was marketed in the U.S. and U.K., it was OK because none of us know the difference.)

:smack: Yep, I meant the first one, Mad Max.

Well, actually, the movie is “historical” in that it consists entirely as the memory of the narrator looking back on his past. Maybe the HC was using it as an example of creating historic myth icons into the fabric of cultural memory, but I kinda doubt it.

Did anyone watch the whole thing?

It was presented as a “Reel to Real” feature, which usually has some historians talking about the movie. I was curious as to what they had for The Road Warrior.

Actually, you’re pretty close, though even the director hadn’t realized it right away and it’s doubtful the History Channel did, either. Excerpt from interview by Danny Peary (author of OMNI’s Screen Flights Screen Fantasies - The Future According to Science Fiction Cinema, 1984) of George Miller (director of the three Mad Max films, as well as a fourth currently in development):

DP:Your use of a narrator at the beginning and end of The Road Warrior is quite interesting and, in a good sense, disorienting. When he turns out to be the Feral Kid, grown up, the film suddenly turns out to be a futuristic tale that was told as if it were already history. So time is completely out of whack.

GM: We were attracted to the notion of using a narrator for The Road Warrior because it said very clearly that this is storytelling, fable, mythology. It also served to move the film yet another degree into another time. And is has just occurred to me from your suggestion that the time frame is out of whack, that the story is indeed really told many years down the line - so it is removed once again in time and fits into a mythological framework even more than I realized until now. In fact, one of the early cuts of the film, which didn’t have the narration, didn’t play well, so it’s interesting how its addition did have such an impact on the film.

I have it on right now. Seems they’re using it as an example of how an apocalypse can affect future events.

How Hollywood portrays those events, anyway.

Watched it for myself. They didn’t have any historians at the end, but just said this was an example of a post-apocalyptic movie and please watch The Doomsday Clock coming up next.

I think something like On the Beach would have been a better pick, but The Road Warrior was the better ratings draw.