Thick and Frosty

In one of my trademark fits of nostalgia, I am attempting to find information about a product that I remember from my youth that is no longer made.

The product was this thick, frozen glop that, when added to milk, turned the milk into an instant milk shake. I remember the containers being the same color as what flavor it was (pink for strawberry, brown for chocolate, etc.) and the containers were plastic like cool whip containers, only taller. I’m not sure, but this stuff may have been made by Birds Eye, or General Foods.
I believe this was available until the early-mid 70’s.

I believe the product was called “Thick and Frosty” or possibly “Thick-N-Frosty”. I’m postive it was not called “Cold, Gloppy Shit You Put in Milk”, though that would have been an honest name for it, if my memory serves me at all. I’ve searched about every 70’s food web site I know of with no success. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I don’t recall anything like that, maybe you were in a test market? And I’m kind of glad I don’t recall it; I’ve probably had it and blocked it out.

I remember them, and the name rings a bell.

I grew up in the Philly area…USA…if that helps.

I googled but couldn’t get anything.

I’m pretty sure it was a Borden’s (remember Elsie?) product.