Thigh Massage Video?

Why is a demonstration of thigh massage the 10th most viewed You Tube video with 200+ million views?

Because of the awesome music!

No, not really. All I can think is that it is the YouTube equivalent of the underwear section of the Sears catalog - desperation stroke material.

I’m going to guess because it’s cheesy and went viral for no other reason then because people keep linking to it like you just did.

That was my first thought given the No Porn policy on Youtube, but it is easy enough to find elsewhere. It’s mildly cheesy, but not enough to give it that kind of viral power. There’s bound to be a lot of momentum based on the number of views. You would click on it figuring there is something really funny or entertaining about it to drive that many clicks, but there isn’t. But it still had to get millions of views to begin attracting that kind of traffic.

The comments don’t help, they mostly seem to be about Justin Beiber.

At one time couldn’t you use Bots to up your hit count on youtube? Maybe that was it?

There’s also a very large foot fetish community on YouTube. Any video with feet in it will get a disproportionately large number of views–no matter how old the person to which they are attached.

And the comments are almost as bad as the pedotrolls.

Because Thailand is a dictatorship and people are required to listen to their messages.