Things are going to hell. Yay!

The economic situation down here is pretty bad but I am reaping one of the silver linings on this cloud. My rent dropped from $845 for a 2 bed/2 bath to $634. That’s equivalent to 3 months free at the old rate! Sweet.

Nice drop!! Did you move to a new place? or did your current landlord drop the rent for fear that you would move?

Yeah really…what’s the reasoning behind that drop??

Did you Hypno-Toad-ize the landlord??

The apartment complexes in in S. FLA are seriously short of renters. So many people are renting their houses cheap simply to avoid foreclosure that people can rent a home for the same price as an apartment. This is my third lease at this place and the first two times I got two months free. This time its the equivalent of three months free.

ETA: the population has dropped precipitously since the mass exodus of the building industry and drop in tourism.

Wow. Nice drop for you, pain for them.

By how much? Are cities like Miami emptying out?

Nice one! I recently negotiated a £50 monthly reducation in our rent when we renewed our lease, simply by saying that I felt the rental market had dropped and we were paying too much compared to similar properties in our area. The real estate guy basically asked me to name a price, I did, and the landlord agreed. Result!

I don’t know about Miami. I’m here in Southwest FLA. My county, Lee, is down 24% overall. One big chunk of the county, Lehigh Acres, is down by 48% this year alone. The new numbers come out around the beginning of next month.