Things Fathers and Daughters Can Do Together

I don’t know about youze guys, but we’re getting colonoscopys together! He’s been putting his off for well over a year and I got tired of nagging him about it. So when my doctor told me I need to get one (colon cancer killed my mom, so now that I’m 50, I need to be screened regularly) I made an appointment for him. He’s going to do it!

And then we’ll convalesce at his house watching movies. Between the drugs and the Marx Brothers, it promises to be a good time!

That is all.

Gee, all my dad and I do together is put new plumbing in the bathroom, climb up on the roof to clean the gutters and do some repairs, and occasionally watch Lawrence of Arabia. We had our sigmoidoscopies separately.

But, you know, Father’s Day is coming up… :slight_smile:

Good for you for getting him in to do it!

Nothin’ says “I love you” like a camera up the butt!

So, will this truly be a shared experience with you laying face to face on separate gurneys and holding hands as they shove the cameras up your butts? Otherwise, I don’t see how it’s a father/daughter outing. J/K.

I think it’s very smart of you to include your dad (or he including you) in this necessary evil. I worry a lot about my parents’ health and they’re hours away. Mom has been griping about her back lately and says she’s walking with a cane. NOOOOO! She’s supposed to be invincible, she apparently doesn’t remember that clause from when I was born.

Here’s hoping it’s not horribly painful or embarrassing magical finger wiggles

ps…I’ll pass on the wine but could use the carton of smokes and maybe a coupl’a “mothers little helpers”. :wink:

You know those darn patches don’t work…ohhh, estrogen patches? :cool:

Luckily we will be in separate quarters for our tests. He has a male doctor and I have a female. But we’re scheduled for the same time.

Smokes and vicoden. A match made in heaven.

(and yes, it’s the estrogen patch that I’m in love with…it’s faaaabulous, dahlink!)

Please post your new family portraits online, for all of us to share.


I just want to be completely out of it with no memory of the procedure. Katie Couric’s experience didn’t ease my anxiety!

My dad took me canoeing once.

I think he would’ve rather had a camera up the butt.

Well, I’m 45 and my daughter is eighteen…MONTHS…old

… sooooooo… I don’t think we’ll be sharing that experience any time soon.
Although, I probably SHOULD have it done myself <sigh>.

The last thing she and I did together was to eat cheerios in church this morning.

Is this that new Y-ColoRectal Princesses program?
Talk about your In-the-end Guides…