Things I've noticed about people in bed

I don’t know if I’m the only person to notice this but, a quiet, shy person outside of the sack…but as soon as you get them IN BED…

WOW then they turn out to be SUPERFREAKS. The people your momma warned you against when you were younger:) I infact love it when I get surprised like that.

This is kinda pointless but I had to get it off my chest…breathe I feel better now…thank you for listening.

Shy and quiet outside of the bedroom, wild superfreak once I’m there? Nah, not me! :wink:

Just 'cause I keep the handcuffs, whip and other “toys” in my bedside table doesn’t mean I’m more outgoing in bed. I thought those were things everyone kept near at hand… :smiley:

…although I might be asking for trouble with this one.

Years ago, before I had experience in such matters, an older friend told me he had never known a girl who did not respond favorably to a bit of rough stuff in the sack. He said, “Even the most independent and confident women give at least a little ‘Oh!’ when you swat them on the ass.”

Being dedicated to fighting ignorance for almost as long as Cecil has, I undertook careful research of this claim, and have found it largely to be true.

Obviously, it’s possible that I simply attract and/or seek out such people. But I’ve even been with a couple of fems who ardently professed their revulsion at any such antics - only to later ASK for the handcuffs, whips, chains, knives, bazookas, frying pans, and assorted agri-business implements.

But seriously, anyone want to comment on this?

That’s precisely why I have them sign a release form before I even unlock the old pleasure chest.

… but I’m naturally sub. Much happier when I’m being told what to do (especially in bed) than when I’m the one having to lead. I don’t have the self confidence to be a good dom. I even joked recently about it. “Do me now. [sub]Is that ok with you, honey?[/sub]”

The whips and the like… well, it’s one of those pleasure/pain things… It feels good to me. But I’ve also been lucky enough to be with men that know where the limits are and not take it too far. And it’s also been with men that I trust enough that when the safeword is used, they stop.

I’ve also been told that I get a little more aggressive when something is done to me that I like. Not a “now I’m in control” type of aggression, but I let the guy know what I really like (kissing harder, things like that) I can’t really explain why I do it… just happens, I guess.

And I think part of it is I like sex. It’s one of the few things I know I’m really good at (at least, in my chosen role in the bedroom) so I can let myself go a little more there.

That’s just me, though. shrug

whips, chains, agri-business implements–OK
But Frying pans–FRYING PANS!?!? :eek:

Putting Grok on the growing list of really kinky bastards…Not that there’s anything wrong with that :smiley:

…that friend, of course, was John Wayne Bobbit…