Things that are exactly the size you thought they would be.

Like a bread box.

1/8 W resistors.

Seems like dull topic. I expect this thread will only ever have two posts.

Like an adjustable wrench.

Like a bolt. Based in part on the dimensions of the above.


I don’t want to multiply threads unnecessarily so I’ll just say right here that seaweed tasted exactly like I expected it to taste.

A container of laundry sizing is the exact size I would expect.

The ten foot C Band satellite dish.

Well, since neither Siam Sam or Sir T-Cups has made it in here yet, I guess it’s up to me.

My penis.

This thread is already much bigger than I thought it would be.

I was using the wrong forecasting model. Under the new model, I think there will be ten posts.

You’re doing about as well as my weather app.

Was your weather app the size your thought it would be?

The one time I held a Stradivarius, it was exactly the size I expected. It was uncanny! :smiley:

Just like Mt. Rushmore.

A Big Ass ceiling fan.


My older ruler broke. Had to get a new one. It’s exactly the size I thought, to within a fraction of a millimeter.

At the medical device company that I work for, people on the production floor occasionally use rulers. These rulers have to be sent to the Calibration lab annually, to make sure they’re still 6” long. So far, they have always proved to be the same size as the previous year.

The Trump Administration Clusterfuck thread. :smiley:

At a mere 496 posts, it is much smaller than I expected. :dubious:

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