Things that bother me about M asterisk A asterisk S asterisk H (the TV show)

One episode in which Rizzo had a bigger role than usual was “Wheelers and Dealers” (S10E6).

Klinger & Zale shared a b-plot in “End Run” (S5E18), the one where Frank gets them into a boxing ring.

I was curious if Jamie Farr was still alive (he is) and Google found this interesting fact: Jamie Farr and Alan Alda were both in the Army and were at some point posted in Korea. Farr was in entertainment and Alda was an artillery officer. Mike Farrell was also posted to Korea as a Marine. All of them were there after the armistice. The dog tags that Farr wore in the show were his real dog tags from his service.

My themed death list is living cast members of MASH(movie and show). Living members are not limited to, but include:

Alan Alda

Loretta Swit

Mike Farrell

Jamie Farr

Gary Burghoff

Jeff Maxwell

G.W. Bailey

Donald Sutherland

Elliot Gould

Sally Kellerman

Robert Duvall

Fred Williamson

Tom Skerritt

Farr and Switt are coming to Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA this weekend! The guest list is pretty impressive this year. Steel City Con June 6-11

Jeff Maxwell (who played Igor, the guy on the chow line) co-hosts a podcast called MASH Matters, in which he discusses all sorts of behind-the-scenes topics, occasionally interviews other cast and crew members, and basically celebrates various aspects of the show. Available on most fine podcast apps.

A similar episode was season 9’s “The Life You Save” where we learn the officers rotate through overseeing various camp functions (garbage, laundry, motor pool, etc.) yet they all act like it’s the first time they’ve ever been assigned this duty.