Things that could be more acceptable to the other side if "sold" differently

I’ve always felt Black Lives Matter should have been named: Black Lives Matter Too

It won’t change the minds of bigots, but it would at least shut down the “All Lives Matter” argument.

This thread always reminds me of this old meme:

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I don’t think that meme is necessarily the contradiction it implies.

Suppose a wife finds out that her husband is planning to donate $10,000 to charity. And she berates him, “That’s a lot of money. For $10,000, we could build a patio in our backyard.”

And the husband says, fine, we’ll build that patio.

Wife says, no, I don’t mean we need a patio - we really need to save the money for our kids’ college tuition. I was just saying that a patio would have been more useful than donating the money.

And he says, “Okay, lets save this for the kids’ college tuition.” and she replies, “No, I meant I want a new car.”

“Defund the police” is the worst fucking slogan for any movement in history. It guarantees that it will be used to scare people and drum up support against it. The Republicans couldn’t dream up a better slogan to malign a concept and rally everyone against it even if they came up with the slogan themselves.

But a lot of them would be behind the concept if you sold it as “augment the police” or “re-task the police” or something. Tell them we want to send social workers to all the mental health cases that waste the time of the police so all the police can focus on doing big manly police stuff and they’d be on board.

When the Republicans march, they chant “Jews will not replace us.” Much catchier.

That’s exactly what they did. Those are pretty much exactly the words that were used by Democratic politicians, policy makers, even pundits.

Do you really think so? That was exactly what we said. And they didn’t get on board. I guess we didn’t throw in the “big manly stuff”, but I am assuming you meant that in jest, and not actually as a message that should be sent.

Was that in jest or do you think that that was the part of the message that was missing? Not misogynistic enough, you think?

The slogan is literally “de-fund the police”

If you have to spend the next 2 minutes after chanting your slogan to say “wait, no, it’s not what you think it is, here’s what I mean by it, it’s not as scary as it sounds” then your slogan is fucking terrible. “Defund the police” alone, as a slogan, killed the entire police reform movement. It makes little old ladies think that there will be no more police to come when someone is breaking into her house. Every fucking republican political strategist did a fist-pump when it became clear that “defund the police” was going to become the slogan of the police reform movement because it’s such an obvious case of self-defeat.

Conservatives love authority, they love “law and order”, and for some of them that means they’re just evil and want police to crack the skulls of people the republicans don’t like. But a lot of them actually believe in the mythology of the brave, good, noble law enforcement officer and can be convinced by saying “we’re trying to let the police focus on the stuff police are good for, and augment them by giving them help by not forcing them to do the stuff that’s not really police work” and you’d get those people on board. You say “defund the police” and those people are now completely against you and will fight you with every ounce of their being.

“Defund the police” is almost certainly going to be the biggest defeat of the police reform movement in decades. Here we were at a point in time where we could’ve really mobilized public sentiment into police reform and not only was it squandered but it actively made people more entrenched and more hostile towards police reform, and actually boosted support for the police radicalizing and militarizing and cracking down on people. As we descend into a more brutal police state “defund the police” is going to be a significant cause of it.

Yeah, even someone who agrees with the goal (like me) hears that slogan and is likely to instantly tune out because those are goddamn nutbags talking about crazypants stuff. ‘Defund the Police’ sounds like a slogan from some extreme libertarian that wants no government involvement in anything and doesn’t want the police to exist because they’re a tool of violence from the government or some nonsense.

I paid ZERO attention to anything about ‘defund the police’ for WEEKS after I heard the slogan because of that, and had there been any sort of vote I obviously would have voted against it. I had no interest in taking even ten seconds to try to understand, because it was so obviously nonsensical.

And since the slogan caught on and has become a major thing in the police reform movement, I agree that it has set back police reform by years or decades. So anyone who tries to ‘explain’ it, anyone who even so much as uses that term, utters that phrase, or gives any credibility whatsoever to those who do…I want nothing to do with them. I want them to go away, crawl in a hole, and feel terrible about the fact that they have likely been significant contributors to making the situation worse, out of their sheer idiotic incompetence as far as communicating their intentions goes.

There are a whole lot of things in the universe that are obviously nonsensical at first glance, but which are nevertheless true.

Writing off anything and everything that doesn’t make sense when first hearing of it makes it really hard to learn anything.

The problem is that Defund the Police makes perfect sense. It just that to most people it means abolish the police rather than reform the police. If I was holding a sign up outside a school board meeting that read “Defund Public Education” are you likely to think I want to reform public education or end it?

I read a post today that argued that conservatives could be made to accept, even endorse, higher taxes on the wealthy if the point were communicated that many wealthy Americans are liberals. People like Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Buffett, the Obamas and Clintons, Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes, etc.

Since many Republicans are motivated by a desire to hit people different than them, this could make higher taxes on the wealthy much more palatable.

What do you mean by “The slogan”?

Whose slogan?

Yes, but it is not my slogan. It is not Biden’s slogan. It was a slogan that some people chanted as they protested.

Yes, but it was not the slogan of the police reform movement.

Then why do you keep repeating it long after anyone else has?

Yes, but who did you hear it from?

I mean, that’s your right to do, but it pretty much means that you chose your ignorance

Did you even take ten seconds to see who was actually saying it?

But it hasn’t. The only ones repeating it are right wing media that want you to think that it is a prominent democratic slogan. They know that you shut down your ears and your brain whenever you hear it, so they repeat it over and over again, just for that reason.

You miss quite a bit when you choose to be ignorant.

Do you feel terrible about the contribution that your willful ignorance has done to make the situation worse?