Things that make you go "Duh!"

As in :smack: I didn’t connect the dots until later.

When I in junior high, my sister had an accident at school. While we were waiting in the ER, a couple of classmates came in. They weren’t friends, but I knew of them from seeing them around.

Anyway, I asked why they were there. One of the girls said she had missed her period. I, trying to be helpful, pointed out that my period wasn’t always regular and that it was normal.

The girls exchanged glances. The memory faded into the mists of time.

It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to me that she was there because she thought she might be pregnant, at the ripe old age of 13.


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Well, there’s another one. :smack:

Sorry! I didn’t mean to make you go “duh,” I just thought it might help explain if your response rate is low. :slight_smile: