Things that you are too clever about

The main thing for me is putting something in a different location than usual. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be car keys, cell phones, wallet, last working pen, check book, last working lighter, reading glasses, scissors, and so on.

My thought process goes something like this, well its only eight hours until I will need this again, surely I will remember in the morning where I’m leaving this. The only problem with this logic is that I have no short term memory to speak of. So in the morning I’m looking in my usual spot for my keys or whatever. I’m always shocked, shocked I tell you because I always keep my keys in the usual spot and now I can’t find them.

What motivated this thread is that my smoke detector was chirping at me and since I didn’t have any 9 volt batteries I wrote it down on my things to get list.

I just got some 9 volt batteries… go me. Wait, where the fuck is the smoke detector? About 45 minutes later I’m still looking for it. I decided to start this thread before I punch a hole in a wall. I’m sure I put it in a clever spot somewhere.

(Sometime early September)

If I file this coupon for the digital converter box away here, I be able to find it when I need it in February!
Guess it’s a good thing we have cable.

(While exceptionally stoned in Amsterdam)

“If I hide my clothes under my mattress, nobody will be able to steal them!”

45 minutes it took me to find them the next morning, and my group was NOT happy.

My good scissors (the Fiskars) that I don’t want my family using to cut paper and plastic and all the shit that has ruined every other pair I have bought. I hide them from the family, thinking I will be able to remember where I hid them, and yet, here I am wondering where the hell they are, as I am making a project with some ribbon and need a good, clean edge on it and my Fiskars are nowhere to be found :frowning:

On the ceiling in the hallway? Seriously, I don’t take the damned thing down until I have the batteries in my hand.

At least you got the batteries! I have at least one that’s been chirping at me since I moved in…last January!!

You are a patient, patient man. I would have smashed that thing with an axe handle long since.

gravitycrash around here we call that a “spiffy”, as in, “Say that’s a spiffy place to put this!”