Things that you OCD about

I bought an 8 pack of 4oz OJ glasses off of Amazon. I didn’t really want an 8 pack but that was the smallest pack they had so whatever.

Anyway, these glasses have now become my obsession.

I have to have it for my milk with my ONE cookie a day treat.

OJ can ONLY be drank from these glasses.

And when I’m making a midnight trip to the water cooler, only these glasses may be used.

If none are clean, I will grab one from the dishwasher and hand wash it. Even though there’s a cabinet full of perfectly fine glasses I could use.

After my husband saw how I lay out my groceries on the conveyor belt at the store, he started doing it too. It’s nothing special, but he used to just stick everything up there, and I group like-packaged things together. Doesn’t everyone do that?

I lay mine out like Tetris shapes and see if they fill in gaps before the cashier removes them.

Sort of. For sure for frozen cause it’s a half hour drive home.

I lay my groceries out on the belt in more or less the order I want them bagged: i.e. cold/frozen stuff first so it can go in the thermal bag, boxed stuff together, can/bottles/jars together, produce, and finally stuff that can be easily squished like eggs, bread or chips.

Unfortunately half the time I get a clueless boob for a bagger who has no idea how to actually bag groceries, so it’s kind of pointless, but I do it anyway.

I also have a tendency, while shopping, to constantly rearrange things in the cart in order to maximize available space (kind of a running “backpack problem” thing). I try not to do it when my wife goes shopping with me because it drives her crazy - just like when I rearrange the dishwasher after she’s loaded it.

I start twitching when I see people turn nouns or noun phrases in verbs. Does that count?

Moments like that are why I actually like bag-your-own. That way, I don’t get someone deciding that a 2l bottle of liquid is a great bagmate for eggs or bread (both have happened to me).

Unfortunately it costs more to not have a landline here in Canada.
The bundles are setup that way.
All I get on my landline are the surveys, the windows bug calls, you won a cruise calls, arrest warrant calls and the automated messages from my son’s school when he is late or absent for a class.

You must have dozens of the ones that said AAD, ADD and DDD. :))
Back in the day DDDs were considered the best in fidelity and people lusted after them. I have a few German classical music CDs that are DDD.
I like ADD or AAD because they sound better than the re-mastered compressed re-issues. They are super quiet though compared to the in your face and sometimes super distorted re-masters.

Yeah I was actually happy earlier in the pandemic when they wouldn’t touch my reusable bags and I had to bag my own groceries. I guess I still could…

Nope. I group things together depending on where they’re going in the house. Items for garage shelf storage in one bag, garage freezer in another, kitchen freezer in another… But then I would argue that’s not OCD, that’s common sense.

Back to OCD - something I realized about myself. I ride a bike, and have a set of 15 “special” rides which I have built up over the years. These are characterized by being long and difficult (by my standards) and I have to do the complete set every year (them’s the rules).

The realization: one is an out-and-back ride; one is a figure of eight. The remaining 13 are all anti-clockwise circuits. There was no planning of this, I just put together the routes over the years. If you ignore the two N/A routes (out-and-back, figure of eight)*, the odds of having all 13 being either clockwise or anticlockwise by chance are four thousand-odd to one, I reckon.

It’s - uh - odd when you realize something like that about yourself. For some reason I ride anti-clockwise.


* - ignoring them must affect the odds in some way, but you need proper statistician to figure that out.

I put them on the belt in the order I reach for them from the cart. No planning whatsoever.

What’s really bugging me is I thought of something I’m very OCD about last night as I was falling asleep, but now I can’t remember what it was.

I just thought of this morning. I had some extra time before I had to leave so I cleaned out the silverware drawer (how can there possibly be that many crumbs in there?!) When I was putting the silverware back in the drawer I thought - oh good now they’re going in the opposite order that I took them out. All is right with the world.

I know! For as much as I LOVE potato chips, you’d think I’d consider it a major sin. But I can’t stand small chips. I love a nice flat, big chip. I’m not a fan of folded chips either. Too messy to eat.

Everyone has some OC tendencies at times. As a rule, it only rises to the level of a disorder if/when it interferes with the person’s life/happiness/functioning etc.

Thank you. I rotate my plates and towels (putting the clean ones on the bottom) but that is not OCD.

With regards to the use of the term OCD when we’re just talking about mildly obsessive behavior, I remember seeing a schrink in my twenties who told me the difference when he explained I don’t have OCD but I was obsessing over details in other ways that were causing me other types of anxiety.

Whenever the subject comes up, I’m reminded of one of my musical heroes, Joey Ramone, who suffered badly from it. In one of the biographies of Da Bruddahs, the tale is told of the band returning from a European tour, Joey got driven home from the airport, then told the driver that he had to go back to Kennedy to touch something, anything, at the airport. He literally couldn’t function until he’d gone all the way back, and touched some item at JFK. Joey had a lot of tragedy in his life (the infamous scalding incident, lymphoma), and it’s heartbreaking that he had to strugle with that as well.

This. Sometimes I notice myself getting carried away with some of my tendencies, so I retrain myself in a different way. Especially if the OCD is making things take longer than they should, i.e., making me run late for meetings.

I not only group groceries on the conveyer belt, I insist on bagging my own. Baggers are far too random. Either they put the eggs under ten pounds of apples and the canned tomatoes on top of the pears, or they put a candy bar and a head of lettuce in one bag and two gallons of milk in another … the principles of grocery bagging are kind of basic, aren’t they?

In general, I am constantly refining ways to make the next time I need an item easier. Turn the pot handles all the same way in the cabinet. Fold the shirts so I can see which one to pick without rummaging. Hate rummaging! It’s not OCD, it is just convenience. I live with someone who is the opposite, who doesn’t ever notice that he has to step over and through a pile of random crap to get to the other pile of random crap he thinks the thing he’s looking for might be in. Doing this sends me into a rage of impatience.

I attribute this trait of mine to two things. One is purely aesthetic: order is in itself beautiful. And the other is how easily abraded my psyche is. The fewer jagged little edges in my life, the better it goes.