Things to do and see between Bali and Surabaya?

My girlfriend and I are travelling to Indonesia at the beginning of April, we go from Bangkok to Bali and then we have 9 days to spend before taking a return flight from Surabaya.
We plan to go around the island of Bali, maybe a bit of diving (I’ve been told Menjangan is particularly good) and do lots of sightseeing. Temples, beaches and… temples and beaches? :dubious: Any suggestions?

We were planning on going up Mount Bromo in Java, but the silly thing blew up last January and as far as I know its still closed to visitors. Instead we are thinking of going to Kawah Ijen volcano, but I’m not sure how to get there. In any case it’s more or less on the way from Bali to Surabaya so I think it would be a matter of getting a room at a nearby town and finding a tour operator or guide to take us there.

Now from there all the way to Surabaya (that city included) I don’t have the faintest idea of what we should be looking for. As I said, for that stretch of the trip we were going to Mt. Bromo but that being scraped I have no idea what to fill the itinerary with.

So, if anyone could share some ideas I’m all ears.

If you can dial things back to 11 June 1983, there’s an amazing total solar eclipse you can see from near there. Grab a Bir Bintang and enjoy the show!

Other than that, I got nothing.

1983, eh?

[Maxwell Smart]Missed it by that much[/MS]

Not strictly on the way, but if you enjoy Bali and have the extra time, you should go to Lombok.

I’ve done Bali twice, and I highly recommend dolphin chasing at Lovina on the North shore. You’ll want to stay at the Aditya resort, and if you arrive on a Friday, there will be traditional dancers at the dinner buffet. I’ll PM you the email address of my driver/guesthouse keeper in Ubud if you still haven’t arranged for a place to stay on Bali.

I also have a contact in Jakarta, she knows all of Java and can help you plan an itinerary for the Java portion of your trip. I can PM you her email address too if you would like.

Dolphin chasing, that’s the kind of thing I’d looking for. (can you keep the dolphin if you catch it?) :smiley:
I’m checking the Aditya resort, it looks OK and the location pretty good for the second or third day of the trip.
Thanks for the contacts, I’ll check them later with my GF.

I second the dolphin chasing at Lovina Beach. You have to get up very early for it though. Don’t worry about finding out details; the touts will find you.

Ubud is a relaxing place to hang out for a few days, or at least it was in 1994.

For Java, the Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta) area is pleasant, as well as the site of the Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu) temples.

Just arrived to Bali Internation Airport. Trying to figure a way of not getting ripped off by the taxis…

Stop dicking around online and go get a beer.


Beer? Bleagh!

We just got to the hotel. The GF is going to take a nap and I’m going to walk around taking photos.

We are being pissed on by the weather gods. It just stopped raining and I hope it holds on until we go to visit Uruwatu.

Watch out for tsunamis! :smiley:

The resort is atop a 30-something meter high cliff. If a tsunami is high enough to get to us it would be awesome, as last moments on Earth go anyway.

We are waiting for a driver to pick us up and take us around the place for 6 hours.

It turn out that hiring a car and driver is a pretty handy thing; quite cheap too, 12 hours for 55 dollars.

I hope you are taking pictures for us!

I really enjoyed climbing Mt. Batur in Bali. It’s inside a huge calendra, which is a spectacular sight to see.

Watch out for the monkeys in the Ubud monkey forest - they look cute but they are evil. :smiley:

I got bit by one of the bastards and I wasn’t even one of the crazy tourists feeding them. I was just minding my own business sitting on a bench when one of them decided to play hid and seek with a pebble on my person. He shoved the pebble under my leg, then pulled it out and showed it around, like a little entertainer. After a couple of repeats he put the rock between my legs, cheeky monkey. So I went to pull the pebble out and the SOB bit me and hung on. So there I am flailing away with a monkey attached to my arm. The kids thought it was a riot. I thought I was going to die of rabies.

Didn’t help that we watched the movie “Outbreak” on the plane.

I’m at a rasta bar on the beach at Lovina. Early this morning we went out to see the dolphins.
This noon we leave to Java, we hope to climb the Kawah Ijen volcano tomorrow.

Malthus, we wanted to go to Batur but it was too much out of the way on the trip from the South coast to the Norht.

Sinjin, we didn’t have problems with the monkeys; although I had to keep telling my GF to stop fiddling with her new, shiny cell phone around them…

Darth Nader, plenty of photos, but we have to process them before we start uploading them somewhere.

Heh, I saw what the locals did.

At the path leading into thge forest was a pile of rocks. At the end of that path was another pile.

When locals walked through the forest, they pick up a rock. Monkeys know what that means - do crazy shit, and you will be hit with a rock.

I tried it - it works. :smiley:

I saw one poor fellow, a hippie traveller type with long braids in his hair, feeding the monkeys bananas. They were so cute! Except that they weren’t - the big ones would beat the little ones, and take their bananas.

This struck the hippie dude as unfair, so he made a point of feeding a little one specially. Got very chummy with it, got closer and closer with the feeding … then the little guy decided it was time for some fun.

He hopped up onto the hippie fellow’s head, grabbed his braids like reins, and rode him about by yanking on those braids hard enough to elicit screams … the guy obviously tried to get the little imp off his head, but every time he reached up to pick him off, the monkey would bite at his fingers! So all he could do was stagger around, roaring.

I went to his aid, and threatened the little monster with my rock - than made him hop off smartly enough.

We crossed to Eastern Java a few days ago, went up the Ijen and took a trip to Sukamade Beach to see sea turtles nesting (didn’t see any) and release baby turtles raised at a repopulation center close to the beach. We saw at least a couple hundred cute little turtles flip their way to the sea, adorable. We literally had a bucket full of little turtles, stuck our hands on it and shoveled out handfuls and handfuls of turtles.

Now we are at Banyuwangi waiting for a van to take us to Surabaya to catch a plane back to Bangkok.

We were lucky enough to meet a very nice guide when we first set foot in Java and he arranged for our rambling for the last three days.

I’ll write a more thorough review of the trip once I get some rest from this holidays… :slight_smile: