Things to do in Decatur when your.....

stuck in Decatur for 3 days.

Hey Dopers, looking for a little help. My company is having a conference in Decatur(don’t ask me why they chose Decatur) for our users. Training/schmoozing session.

What in the name of Holy Hell is there to do in Decatur, IL? When I asked one of our Illinois reps she replied



I know it was home to the Decatur Staley’s, the origin of that vile creature now known as Da Bears but following last Sunday that is not a real big source of comfort.

Of course I am good friends with a Bears fan so I may pick up a Decatur Staley’s shirt for him. Do they sell them in Decatur?

Is there at least a Joe’s Crab Shack???

Don’t know about that, but Ebbetts Field Flannels has a nice 1952 Decatur Commies t-shirt for about $20.

Apparently, “Commies” in this case is short for “Commissioners”, which has been the name of a variety of minor league teams in Decatur through the years.

I did a quick search at and didn’t find anything in Decatur. You could take a side trip to Springfield for these two exciting attractions they list:

Springfield, IL - Artificial Leg of Juan de Santa Anna
I live in Springfield, home of the artificial leg of Juan de Santa Anna which is located in a museum in the National Guard Armory on North Grand Avenue. This was the subject of a spoof on an episode of “King of the Hill” last year, but the fact is that we DO have the leg, and we ain’t giving it back! Remember the Alamo!

Springfield, IL - Young Abraham Lincoln
There’s a TERRIFYING giant fiberglass Abe Lincoln holding an ax at the Illinois State Fair Grounds here. He looks more like a crazed ax-murderer than the Great Emancipator. Reportedly, children cower and cry at the sight of him.

So basically what your telling me is if you find yourself in Decatur, drive to Springfield.

OK I know they have a Joes Crab Shack and morbid curiousity has me on the leg of Juan de Santa Anna…Can I get a picture of me holding the leg?

Now this side trip aside it looks like I will have no choice but to proceed to the hotel bar and wile away the time spent in this apparent Black Hole known as Decatur. What really sucks is that I don’t get the fun people from the Wisconsin office. One of the ladies going with me is nice but she is a Bear’s fan so I’ll hear all about that damn game again for the 5 hour trip. Where’s Ken Stills when you need him?

OOOhhh here’s a fact from the Decatur web site

Did You Know That . . .
During World War II, Decatur’s Police Chief banned women from wearing shorts in public places?
Wait even better

Did You Know That . . .
The first hog ring was made in Decatur?

What the hell is a hog ring???

Apparently they ran out of things…

Did You Know That . . .
The purpose of the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is to promote Decatur as a convention and tourist destination?

I hope they fire this guy. Of course it doesn’t sound like he has a lot to work with.


Looking at the Holiday Inn we will be at…

385 rooms, 19 luxurious suites
Continental restaurant, coffee shop, night club, lobby bar
Holidome w/sauna, whirlpool, exercise room, putting green, table tennis, game room, Olympic size pool
Nature trails, jogging paths, stocked lake for fishing


This bears some checking into. Sounds to good to be true.

Quick check…privately owned… stocked…no Illinois fishing license required. What on God’s green earth did I do to deserve this. From the depths of hell to salvation!!!

Sledman shoots… He Scores!!!
I still have to see the leg though.

** Sledman** when traveling, I like to make it a point to check out the road signs and follow them to little unknown treasures. Somewhere south of us (frankly on the way to my Sis’s place), is a little “town” called “turkeyville” where they boast of the “Worlds’ Best Turkey Sandwiches”. Ya go there and it’s a senior citizen style tourist trap that’s really quite fun to go through (once).

Also, take a camera, you’ll no doubt find odd signs and so on to make ya laugh.

we like traveling - and usually had more fun with unscheduled stuff. have a good time in Decature…