Things to do in Kansas City other than bowling

I’m going to be bowling in the IGBO 2006 tournament in Kansas City, May 25-28. Obviously bowling is going to take up a chunk of the time spent there. BUT it won’t take up all of my time. It’s a given that I’ll want to visit the hospitality rooms at the host hotel and one or two of the clubs in KC. I’d also love to meet any KC-area Dopers who’d like to get out one of the nights.

Let me know if anyone is interested in going out or coming by during the bowling and having a beer or two or more while we bowl. I could use a cheering section, anyway.

Ooh. I’ll come. I’ve got a wedding and a bachelorette party that weekend, but I’ll try to make it.

There’s a lot to do in KC, but it all has to do with eating.

If you are at all interested in history, there is a really unique museum, The Arabia Steamboat Museum. Some guys who live in Kansas City decided to dig up one of the steamboats that sank in the Missouri River many years ago. Once they did so, they decided to start a museum so that people could see what was on this boat. The story itself is kind of neat, and it is also an interesting museum because they put so much stuff on display. Most museums have 1 pair of boots, one button, one barrel, one glass bottle, etc. This museum has 122 pairs of books, 500 buttons(in each of 25 patterns), 250 barrels, 300 glass bottles. (All number pulled out of my hat, for demonstration purposes only).

That’s the serious answer. The silly answer is “Miniature Golf, but be careful, my mom broke a bone in her foot playing miniature golf in Kansas City”

My mother’s sister lives in Kansas City. Mom has been to the Arabia museum at least 3 times, and would be happy to go some more if she is in Kansas City with people who haven’t seen it. I’m not quite as tickled with it as she is, but it might be worth considering.

Go see the Kansas City Bombers!

Actually, the Royals are at home aginst Detroit on the 25th, 1:10 start.

I went to that museum when I visited KC and it was really cool. One of the brothers who raised the ship was there and answered questions. Very very cool.

Any other year in recent memory, that series could very well be one of the least sought after tickets in the nation. But, thankfully, the Tigers got good all in a sudden.

I guess there was also that one year (2 years ago, maybe?) that the Royals got off to that amazing start, and due solely to that start were still in playoff contention until the end, but that was an aberration.

If you like barbecue and blues, there’s a good band called Trampled Under Foot playing at BB’s Lawnside Barbecue on Friday the 26th. BB’s is owned by a guy who does a weekly blues show on one of the local radio stations. (Knuckleheads is another good blues bar in the area, but I didn’t see much on their calendar for that weekend.)

There is also the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the 18th and Vine area.

There is a park overlooking downtown KC that has a big monument. You can climb to the top, and it’s a pretty good view. An FYI, the men driving slowly past aren’t having car troubles. And they aren’t checking out the girl you’re with.

The Plaza has the night life, downtown has a light switch that the last person to leave at night hits on their way out. BBQ and Jazz are two things KC is popular for. Ask a local which is best, it’s been a few years since I’ve been there.

I can’t imagine a situation where a woman would be with me in that location.

If no one else comes, count on me as a cheering section! I love bowling, I support the LGBT community here in KC and I love beer!
as for going out… Go to Bar Natasha ! I’m sure someone bowling will bring you there.

Eat at the resturant I serve at Lulu’s Thai Noodles And Satay Bar

Catch a show at the Late Night Theatre right now Its a drag queen comedy interpretation of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

If you love beer you should tour the Boulevard Brewing Plant
Definately Check out 18th and Vine “Historic” Jazz District if you like jazz at all. esp maybe a get together at the Mutual Musicians Foundation They have late night jazz jams on the weekends still.

Everything else just seems so mundane because I live here, but I’ll think of more things and let you know

I am assuming you are talking about liberty memorial! haha hottest crusing spot in town.

Arthur Bryant’s for BBQ.
check out JAZZ KC for Jazz Events Listings

if you are in the mood for rock music check out either The Record Bar or The Brick

When you are in town pick up a copy of the , our little red boxed local free news paper.Pitch it will give you a list of everything going on the weekend from arts to music to wine events.

There is also the Grand Emporium, loads of BBQ resturaunts, and there is the zoo if you like walking around a lot. There are also lots of museums and galleries if you are into that kind of stuff. I would join you myself, but I don’t think I will be out in KC that weekend.

The Steamboat Arabia is pretty cool. They’re always adding new stuff as they clean it and preserve it. There’s a lot of little ethnic restaurants around the museum that are pretty good.

The zoo is fun, even if it isn’t amazing.

I totally did not know that Liberty Memorial was a cruising spot, and I’ve lived in KC most of my life.

  1. (wistful sigh)

Kauffman Stadium is beautiful enough to allow you to ignore the ugliness on the field.

I’ll second the Steamboat Arabia Museum and also recommend the Toy and Miniature Museum.

BBQ, BBQ, BBQ. There are some truly legendary BBQ places there.

I second Arthur Bryants as the best BBQ joint in town, no the world. Try to go to the original location on Brooklyn. Watch some seasoned vets order at the window in front of you before it’s your turn, lest they think you’re a tenderfoot.

Oops. I meant, of course, BBQ** joints.**

I had you pegged for a bowler about as much as I have me pegged for a fighter pilot. You don’t sound like Ralph Cramden in print!

Yep, When I first got here I got the Bob Berdella tour, We went to the Westport Flea Market, Liberty Memorial and to his house which was being torn down at the time.

Homebrew ! you have to go to the west port flea market .best burgers in town and a great deal for lots of stuff on weekends.