Things to do in Toronto

I am staying for the next two weeks in Burlington just outside Toronto. Transport is a bit limited. Can anybody suggest good things to do in this city?

In Burlington area, huh?

Depends on what you like…dance clubs, bars, theatre, film, shopping, art museums?

I’m just down the road a bit…wanna get a beer? :wink:

I should have given a little more detail in my OP. I am from the UK and I am here with my wife and very young son (not quite two). We are staying with relatives who are happy to drive us around, but we don’t actually have a car for ourselves.

My personal interests are history, live music, theatre etc. I have searched the web, but found nothing very exciting except the LoTR TTT exhibition which is over (AFAIK) and a winter festival which does not start until next month.

I would suggest using the GO Train for travel around the Toronto area. It’s fast and affordable.

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is incredible! Always cool stuff to see there. The McLaughlin (sp?) Planetarium is cool if you’re into astronomy at all. Burlingon has a couple community theatres. Not sure if anything’s playing currently though. There’s Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, which you would definitely find interesting if you’re into history. Oh, there’s also Casa Loma in Toronto. Uhhmm…there’s Art Galleries aplenty in the area.

That’s all I can really come up with, off the top of my head. I’d suggest visiting a Tourist Information Centre to see if you can get brochures suggesting other places. A lot of times, TICs will also offer coupons and discounts.

I’ll see if I can come up with anything else for you…

You can always check out the CN Tower (which despite being born in Toronto, and visiting the city for at least a week every year during my childhood and early 20s, I never approached until I was 23 or thereabouts). It’s good simple mind-boggingly high fun. And they have a glass floor!
But if you get bored you can play video games in the basement :slight_smile:

But Burlington-- you’re actually close enough to actually go to Niagara Falls without a 10 hour journey. Take advantage of it.

Those are my only suggestions-- mostly I just go to visit friends and family and hit bars or bingo (although the smoke is damn heavy).

Enjoy the traffic, and make sure to visit the quite large mall downtown.

I know that if I were to go to Toronto, the first thing I’d do would be to try out the Fivepin bowling.

If music and the theatre are interests you’d be well served to check out some of the following:

The Elgin Theatre:

(Note: the ‘Wingfield On Ice’ show playing would be a penultimately Canadian experience…despite the name it isn’t an ‘ICe Capades’ type of show but another in the series of ‘Wingfield Farms’ one man shows made famous <In Canada at least> by actor Rod Beattie and playwright Dan Needles).

Info on that show at:

Massey Hall and/or Roy Thompson Hall:

For a stellar view, the CN tower can’t be beat (if it’s clear) although the last I checked it was getting a tad pricey to get up to the Space Deck…bloody foolish of them.

The subway is reasonably fast and clean for getting around in the city while I suspect GO transit should get you into town easily enough. Driving downtown is much like driving downtown in any large city…a royal pain, avoid it if you can. and are probably the best general choices for current listings of events including theatre and live music.

There are a number of independent theatre companies around Toronto ( Famous People Players, a black light theatre: ; Theatre Paisse Muraille: ; Second City comedy troup: ) as well as the Mirvish Group of theatres which brings in major touring productions ( ) and The Canadian Stage Company ( ).

If the live music you’re into is classical, try the Toronto Symphony ( ). Otherwise, is a good source for listings of club venues and shows in most other genres.

The Royal Ontario Museum ( ) is arguably one of the coolest things in the city.

If you like art, either the Art Gallery of Ontario ( ) or the McMichael Gallery ( ) have excellent collections.

Burlington is pretty much the boondocks. I’ve lived in Toronto since 1995, and I only have the vaguest sense of where Burlington even is and I certainly haven’t been there. Lots of people commute into the city from there, however, so you’d probably have the best of luck getting into the city on Go Transit ( ) which is a government operated commuter transit system. There are buses and trains from Burlington into downtown Toronto. Once in the city of Toronto, many things are within walking distance for adults, or can be easily reached by local transit ( ).

Some great ideas. Thanks.

The Steam Whistle Brewery is fun. It’s right near the CN Tower, and the tour guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. Okay, I’m a sucker for tourist attractions that include free beer.

Moving to IMHO.

I am back home now. Thanks for all the input.

The CN tower is impressively tall, impressively slender and impressively expensive - for our party of adults and children, it was just too much.

Royal Ontario Museum was excellent. Modest in scale by London standards, but plenty there for a good day out. I particularly liked being able to handle medieval weapons and armour in the discovery section - great fun.